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    Russian guys, we all playaz. We adapt to our golddigging skank women...
  2. where do all the models hang out?

    They're at the clubs that you're not you fucking loser...
  3. what do all of oyu use for a napster substitute

    I use your mom...

    LOL you idiot. Sasha and Digweed suck nuts. And for that loser who said I listen to KTU, LOL, KTU sucks even more nuts. It's all about the hard progressive house, SF style. All other shit is garbage and you know it. So ya, stop listening to that light faggy house.
  5. Tonight

    Sure, but with that lame ass label, you can bet you're not included...
  6. who here has gone to a club ALONE?

    Just get high and enjoy. Usually someone from the opposite sex more fucked up than you will come up and start chillin wit ya. And that's where the fun comes in...

    Listen to some better music. Sasha and Digweed are too light. It's faggy house.
  8. That's all made up lies. Anytime men succeed at something, women gotta come along and mess it up. Enjoy the good music and realize that if there aren't any good female DJs, it's just cuz there aren't. Lisa Pinup is retarded and DJ Irene sux bad. It's a guy thing...
  9. dont buy ecko sneakers!!!

    That's cuz your feet stick so bad you caused the lining to come off...
  10. Slammin beats in Brooklyn last night!

    Heaven used to be good, it's played now. If you only found out about it now, I suggest you crawl back under that rock you came out of. And go listen to some more of your crappy outdated music while you're at it...
  11. Why are all russian girls skanks?

    Are you the official golddigging skank lawyer? Telling me about their culture and shit, this ain't an anthropology class! Listen, it's plain and simple. Russian girls are golddigging skanks. And by the way, they give good head too. So STFU and get one to give you good head instead of having your thumb up your ass with all of this theoretical bullshit. L8ta bitch.
  12. Why you hate New Yorkers

    I'm going to make this simple. Compared to New York, Florida is a little miniscule piece of shit. You can say whatever you want about New York, but at least our populace is intelligent enough to punch fucking holes through paper where they're required (remember the votes)? No wonder your governor is a dumbass. BTW, Miami was built by New Yorkers. So STFU bitch.
  13. moby is one weird lookin guy

    Moby is an ugly loser with retarded music.
  14. It seems like every russian girl I meet is a golddigging skank. Why is that?