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  1. FOR 3 MILLION $$$$$$$BUCKAROOS$$$$$$ and will be a banguet hall.THAT SUCKS BALLS VERY reliable source claims true so i figured i would ask the real source george. iF thIs is true stuiDo 4 better open soon. spill the beans ml2k

    The crowd was great. No little kids running around all fucked up. The place looked great, nice job decorating, the System just rocked the shit out of you. And JP played an amazing set. The pink room was great to chile and watch the crowd from up above. Nothing more needed to say
  3. All I have to say it will be an amazing night!!
  4. Spirit Saturdays presents DAVID MORALES, Apr 3

    Morales plays some of the best music you will ever here. Upbeat groovey house. Keeps it going strong all night long. He is just sick to here. Try not to miss him play!!
  5. its been a LONG [email protected] SAT!!!

    Cant wait. Its been awhile. Retro night is always great.
  6. Thats sucks. I go down the south beach about twice a year and always make it a point to hit Space. Great club, but that sucks. It never fails. the liberal media fucking with people who are on top.
  7. Happy B-Day!!! Dont do too many birthday shots.
  8. Metro Roll Call For Friday 9/12 !! Best Party In Ny 69

    Last week sneak preview was really good. Metro did a great job with the lights and sound. It pounds in there now. Looking forward to tonight.
  9. Its friday night, the weather is nice and im going to hear Richie Rydell rip it up. Me +4 George
  10. I know its the middle of the week and theres not much going on clubwise but does anyone have any good ideas for a lounge to chill at.
  11. Freddy vs Jason

    So who one? Or is it a tie, and they are going to make a sequel but with a quest apperance of Micheal Meyers:mad:
  12. Yes! I"ve been waiting for the white party. Its always the best party of the summer. Its a good day to work on the tan for saturday. I've been lacking my sun time with all this shitty weather. George put me down +4.
  13. Ok i know it may sound racist .. But im not ...

    It happens!!