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  1. I'm in an osteopathic med school. you end up getting the DO degree instead of the MD, but there is essentially no difference between what an MD and DO can do. the admission standard is slightly lower for DO schools; they look at the overall applicant instead of just #'s. it's great for people that want to change their careers, in my class there are folks that used to be mba's, respiratory therapists, pilots, teachers, etc. I have friends in allopathic (MD) schools and they have seen my curriculum and exams, and some of them agree my schedule is actually more demanding than theirs. the great thing about attending DO school is that if you score well on the boards, you can do either an MD or DO residency. i plan on doing an MD residency, right now i'm leaning towards anesthesiology or psychiatry. there are currently 20 DO schools in the country, so if you're premed, you should definitely look into DO schools, as well as MD. i did mediocre in college, 3.3 gpa in biochemistry at stony brook, with a 25 on the mcats.
  2. PVD @ Metropolis, Cleveland

    hey guys. i'm from nyc but i'm in school at erie pa (dreary erie, mistake by the lake). been here one month and this place totally blows, and i was devastated i couldn't make pvd at central park. i almost shat in my pants when i found out pvd is gonna be in cleveland. i've never been to cleveland but def gonna make a trip there on oct. 10th. on the website it says he's gonna be at a club called kaos? or is it metropolis? do any of you know how long his set is gonna be, and what time it starts and ends? any dress code, etc. is the club located in downtown cleveland? thanks for any info
  3. It really depends on where you apply, ie- if you apply to the top 10 schools like harvard, yale, hopkins, you better make sure you have a solid gpa and mcat score - 3.7 and 33 and up. But otherwise, a gpa of 3.3 and a mcat score of at least 30 will get you interviews at a some schools. I have friends that have gotten in with 3.0 and 28's on their mcats - it all depends on your life experiences and what you have to offer, etc. I scored a 31 on my mcats and have a gpa of 3.48 and got accepted to two allopathic med schools, but decided to pursue an osteopathic med school. It really does not matter if you go MD or DO, either way you'll come out a physician. you should definitely visit this website called studentdoctor.network - it's a great resource for premeds and currents med students and it was an invaluable tool for me during the horrendous process of applying to med schools.
  4. i'm going to an osteopathic med school in the fall
  5. Alegria Parties at Sound Factory

    i have never been to alegria, what time does this party start and what time does it end? what type of music will be played during this event ? (house, trance, gay anthem)
  6. First time on E

    For the past month, i've been looking inside the clubs but i couldn't find any for the life of me, it's just so damn frustrating, and i don't have any friends that do e or any drugs for that matter.
  7. First time on E

    Hey guys, i'm new to the clubbing scene and i've been wanting to try e for the first time. I hear nothing but good things about it. However, i don'thave any friends that do e and so i don't know where to get any. For the past month, i've been to exit, sf, limelight hoping to find some inside but without any luck. I'm so frustrated, every friday and saturday night thinking tonight's the night but unfortunately it's not. please help!
  8. I went to check out gatecrasher for the first time on sat. and it totally blew my mind. It was my first time at limelight too and i was taken away with the laser lights. It was like i was in another dimension the way the lasers were operating. I was just wondering if they have the same laser lights operating the whole night on regular nights, and if they do then it's definitely worth a trip there. Gatecrasher was awesome too, the music was upbeat, and the crowd was totally into it! What a night!
  9. *Where do you go to school???*

    I graduated from suny stony brook (stony ass as i call it). Going into podiatry school in the fall, don't ask me how i got into this profession