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    sound system was really good, place looked great, i would love to hear what james holden could do in that place that fits so many people, he would open up the minds of many people that are into the sf, exit , and roxy thing lol not too many guidos in there but way too many cookie cutters and barbie dolls lol i think i will come back sometime soon:)
  2. spirit

    yea its gonna be the tommy hilfiger private party, ill be working it hope i meet some famous peeps
  3. vinyl sucks dick

    i actually totally agree with you, i dont care what they look like or dress like whether its a guy or girl, if you read the first post in the thread, the person writes about guidos and her having a problem with them at vinyl, im not passing judgement , i just want to indicate that its a two way street...
  4. vinyl sucks dick

    dont forget the guidettes and slutty girls
  5. best sound system???

    i actually walked past twilo today, and the doors were open, they were doing construction in there, the only thing still there is those big white poles, there was a few people there doing construction and paperwork, they talked about how exciting they were about spirit opening, im like you guys have no clue how much money you could make here if u make it just like twilo was, they guy was all confused and gave me this whatever look, oh boy
  6. Penthouse Gentlemen's Club

    nothing funnier than seeing people shaking there ass for quarters
  7. Need A Puerto Rican Bartender For The Winter?

    what is everyones obsession with being a bartender
  8. stop worshiping wack ass european dj's please...

    note to self: bill patrick and the gang are now called the 212 crew
  9. SPLASH gay bar?.....

    you really think hes gonna get a job there, you know how many people try to get dancing jobs there every week , every guy who goes there is good looking and ripped wether a patron of the club or dancer or bartender but good luck
  10. Get your underwear ready July 19th

    yea they're all guidettes
  11. if that was simply the case then everyone would be wearing cheap 10 dollar shades and not designer
  12. Best nude strip club in manhattan???

    hunkmania but dont think its all nude
  13. Male strip clubs...

    hunkmania located in nyc, nj and ct
  14. The Exit Nightclub...fact Or Fiction?

    dont forget all the guidettes with fake tans, super tight clothes, and ten pounds of make-up on
  15. Any Frat kids or Soroity Girls On this board?

    i dont know about any "frat kids" but i am sure there are many fraternity men on here im apd