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  1. Why aren't pills as popular as they used to be?

    I would attribute it to several factors. First one being the quality of pills that flooded the market in the later years was mediocre at best causing a majority of the derogatory side effects. Secondly, as previously mentioned media propaganda. Last but not least the pill poping kids of the mid to late 90's have matured. Many have truly, grown up and others who haven't have become more sophisticated drug users. Sophisticated in the sense that their taste have evolved, along with their incomes in many cases; this has caused the increase in cocaine and Tina use that we now see. Long are the days of the big clubs and all night raves. The "X- BOOM " generation have become the modern day champagne drinking, cocaine sniffing lounge lizards. In many circles, specifically here in NYC, Ecstasy, Ketamine and GHB are now deemed to be a more blue collar drug, hence making them lose their glamorous luster that they once had. Hope that helps.
  2. Anyone know who this guy is ??

    I am, pick Piker or Gentleman.
  3. Anyone know who this guy is ??

    Three things, 1- Sweet heart if this BABBOOON joker is fucking around don't deal with it because he's a legend in his own mind. 2- BBoom your probably one of his punk friemds , so please just shut the fuck up and dont bother this little girl. 3-Joe G if im right , the only thing you own is that pre-owned washed up AUDI. Now it's time to turn you boys into gentlemen. 4- Step UP or Just shut the Fuck up , punk as suburban I - Net tough guys. So please pick if your going to be gentlemen or Pikers. The King has spoken. Also if your not going to bring it heavy , dont bring it at all.
  4. sway

    Ahhh.. Old Mc Governs Tavern, yes its still around more of a neighborhood crowd these days. Haven't been there in about six months. Was it me or was Depeche Mode constantly being played in there.
  5. suede, pm, panegea

    Pay $10K , get a access card or are friends with member and are invited as a guest. However, I deem it to be to stuffy , even though the pool is probably great in the summer.
  6. nocturne...

    Some where in-between dressed up post college kids, a few of your usual bankers/wall street types, strippers, rasta men with a few models thrown in. However they do have a huge bed upstairs in the VIP room were many a happy ending have gone down or started just before the after-hours house party.
  7. nocturne...

    When it first opened in October the crowd was hot. Lately its just been Blah. Might be due to it being a new place and them wanting to maintain their highend exclusivity?? music's def good but mostly disco house/ french house. I go about once or twice a week because I know most of the regulars and have been partying with them for years. Overall it's a 7 when it pretends to be a 10. Hope that helps.
  8. suede, pm, panegea

    Pangaea to me has been one of the best places of recent years, as someone else mentioned the vibe in there during its hay day was insane. Yes the door was a pain in the ass; but for once it was well worth it. Selective door policies aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be they help maintain the integrity of the party in the sense that they allow people in who are there to just have fun, and isn't that what everyone complains about? Over the last 6-8 months it just died. To many guidos starting fights which stemmed from a relaxed door policy. Oh well all good things come to an end. Suede I always considered hit or miss and I think its still is. But its still a good Tuesday night choice. PM I don't really like, lots of old school hip hop (not my thing) crowd is def one of the best around at this time but I just don't really feel the space at all. The owner of Pangaea has tried to make lighting strike twice with Nocturne and even though I frequent there about once or twice a week it will be old news by spring. Meaning the crowd is blah, music's good but I think being right in the village affects the venue a lot for the crowd its targeted at. Marquee I haven't made it to yet, but if anyone has ... do tell.
  9. Which one of the "OC" kids will be cracked out first? I say the girl
  10. Guys, would you be able to fuck Pam anderson

    No, she's used up and infected. She's 1000 miles of baaaaaad roadddddddd........
  11. CONFUSED: Advice Needed

    I don't know you but I suggest you keep your mouth shut and your legs closed. You already FUCKED things up beyond repair. I my self have been a cheater and have come to terms with my mistakes, so should you. Your relationship can't be saved by confessing. You have already as previously mentioned FUCKED it up. Why hurt your poor boy friend any more then you already have done with your selfish bullshit. You don't want to confess to him because you feel bad for him, you want to do it to make your self feel better. Your relationship is doomed already and will probably fall apart from there. The person I feel the worst for is the poor guy who was on vacation trying to have a good time and you fucked it up for him too.
  12. Is it bad to use Xanax to "come down"?

    I try waiting at least an hour before I take the sleeping pill this way the ticker has slowed down on its own a bit. Xanax for me has always been to difficult to figure out because of the dosage they come in. My personal favorite is Halcion its kind of old school circa 1970s come down aid but works best. Followed by Valium if you can get it or Ambien. however the Ambien generally gives me distorted dreams but recently its all I have been able to get. Hope that helps.
  13. Paranoia and the Package...

    Well, IM glad to know others dwell in the same paranoid misery. :aaah: Now this is a smilie.....
  14. Paranoia and the Package...

    Doe's anyone else get paranoid after doing coke. I recently started to get real paranoid and not even a controlled paranoia. I get feelings of people conspiring in the place IM in or look out my window 100 times when I get home very bizarre feeling. It's gotten so bad it ruins the good time I was having.