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  1. Cla??

    Does anyone anything about CLA? Is it harmful?
  2. Losing weight

    I have the Windsor Pilates tapes and they are really good- they have tapes for everything. I really like the bun & thigh tape and the abs tape. Defintiely a good investment.
  3. Grrr!

    Should anyone have to answer to anyone else what they do with their $$? My friend mentioned going out next week and I said I had to see about the $$ situation. I had a wedding last week and another wedding next weekend and basically, dont have much spending $$. So, my friend proceeds to ask me what I do with my $$ (but in a rude way). I answered her like a dumbass but after I thought about it, was really annoyed. Would anyone else be?
  4. Don't live ur life by ur scale..

    So damn true. When I weigh myself, I get depressed. I think I lost some weight and am doing good and it says more then I thought. I try to stay away from the scale although sometimes I get curious.
  5. Love..

    I know, I think it's so weird. My ex used to tell me we would get married one day and now he can barely say hi to me. I guess sometimes the more we get to know someone, the less we want to be with them.
  6. HELP!!! Need a good hairstylist

    I go to a guy in Hoboken and he is not gay or expensive. I pay $45 for a cut and I have never ever gotten so many compliments on my hair. He is amazing. A friend of mine went to him and she has also gotten tons of compliments on her hair. My only complaint is that he gets booked real fast but I guess that is a good thing. If you want the info, PM me.
  7. Waking Someone Up In The Middle Of The Night To Have...

    Yeah, I definitely like. My bf has done it a few times and it's always a nice surprise!
  8. Materialistic!!!

    Well, my mom didnt even get an engagement ring, they got married and were happy. Yes, I do want a ring when the time comes but honestly, it will come from him so no matter what, I will love it. And what your mom says may actually be true. Seems like a lot of people these days are about getting a ring but dont think about the actual marriage part.
  9. Materialistic!!!

    I didnt say size doesnt matter to anyone but it is just annoying that my friend keeps asking what size her ring is. Like the size of the ring will affect her life in some way. I dont know, I never ask anyone how big their ring is. if they want to tell me, they will.
  10. Materialistic!!!

    Size does matter to some people but as soon as I told my friend she got engaged, she was like how big is it? That is a little ridiculous. And my friend loves it so that is all that matters. Besides, it is a beautiful ring, good size but the fact of her asking is irritating!
  11. Materialistic!!!

    Does the size of the ring really matter that much when a person gets engaged? One of my best friends just got engaged and my other friend has asked me 3 separate times how big the diamond is. I dont know why she keeps asking cause it wont affect her life one way or another. I dont know, it is just really getting to me that she keeps asking. How do I ask her nicely why the size matters so much to her???
  12. How many think that your current is the one to marry?

    I do but dont want to think too much about it. We both arenr ready yet and who knows what can happen. I would like to think we will wind up together.
  13. body lotion

    I like Vaseline Healthy Body Complexion. It smells nice, it's cheap and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.
  14. Things Better Left...Unkown?

    Well, I always thought it was better to get things out and be honest but my boyfriend now definitely doesnt like hearing about my past and a lot of the info I have volunteered. I think it is better to leave the past in the past. And the same goes for me hearing about his ex before me. I know he was with her but I hate hearing things about her but I will ask anyway or he'll tell me stuff. It isnt worth it sometimes.
  15. Fit for Life?

    Has anyone tried the Fit for Life program? I just bought the book and was going to try it. The transformation pictures are amazing.