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  1. B4 Doing E.......

    Yup, same here. Before E I never liked house..etc. But now, I appreciate it.
  2. E on planes

    I personally wouldn't risk it. But with that said, you could probably get away with it 99% of the time on domestic flights. Stick'em in your shoes and make sure you don't have anything metal on you when you walk through the detectors. They don't really check that hard. Friend of mine actually got through the domestic gates at SFO with a box of 22s on his way to Vegas. He used the same bag when we went target shooting and forgot that the ammo was there. He dropped a brick when he realized what had happened.
  3. Snorting

    How's snorting E vs meth? I've tried coke and meth. Meth burns like hell, but never tried snorting E. Worse, better, same?