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  1. Fuckin CP.....

    holy shizzle???? spraggs, alex and ingrid back....wassup you three???
  2. What did you get for yourself this christmas?

    Straight spam...but I got a silver bracelet and my favorite, a seat-mounted back massager
  3. CC, Tex, Burns........its just incredible what they can do As much as I hate to say this because it WILL hurt the sox, there needs to be a salary cap in MLB because this just isn't going to end. Same 6 teams will be competitive every year with another 4 out of the other 24 spurting for a shot
  4. Roberts vs. Cano

    sooooo....here we are at the end of the year and Cano is being benched for lack of hustle along with being an inferior player compared to Roberts as well as Kinsler and Pedroia He's proved he wasn't as good the last two years even though he was doing better at the pretty home run and rbi categories that had half this board convinced otherwise, and he isn't helping his cause at all this year. He's shown he truly is nothing more then a little better then mediocre 2Ber Point has been proven by the play on the field
  5. Roberts vs. Cano

    I don't know how I coulda missed this one...you're actually trying to knock me down when I claimed at the beginning of last year that the NL West was the best in the NL? (I claimed AL East was the best which you know full well). What I'd like to know is if you realize who made the world series and what division they were from.......and who made that unpopular statement against the mass posters getting their info from the daily news against the NL East but jtk knows baseball better then I because espn.com is just a keystroke in the toolbar away
  6. any old timers...

    hi alex
  7. Roberts vs. Cano

    since when does an athlete gets injured? what a wimp
  8. Manny to the Dodgers?!!

    No surprise Manny is gone, just surprised they pulled the trigger with the Dodgers. Now the Dodgers have a crowded outfield with kemp, ethier, pierre, jones, and now manny. If Jones weren't making so much money for being such a bum, it wouldn't be so crowded. Bay is much better then they would have gotten with the Marlins, but they did give up a ton just to get rid of Manny. Angels are definitely the team to beat now though. We'll see how the next month pans out with the new additions to all the clubs
  9. Roberts vs. Cano

    Did you see the weak comebacker he hit to Lester with the bases loaded and two out? I did....
  10. Roberts vs. Cano

    I'm not gonna keep going on this since you're both beating dead horses....if Cano was as good a hitter as you both say he is, he'd be hitting at the top of the lineup regardless of the team. The reason both Torre and Girardi bury him at the bottom is because he can't handle the top of the lineup. If two coaches won't give him a shot in a lineup, does that tell you maybe he ain't all that? Cano is not the best second baseman in the American League. He's not top 3. End of story
  11. Roberts vs. Cano

    On Pedroia: You guys all touted Cano as the best second baseman in the american league after two years..... On Kinsler: Cano has been hitting in the best lineup in baseball the past four years....the only reason they aren't as potent this year is because of injuries (and maybe age) And both are young as well..... Bad points on Kinsler and Pedroia.....lets stick to Roberts since you have an outside shot on making a case for Cano there
  12. Roberts vs. Cano

    try answering the questions i presented and make comments about the points i'm making instead of hiding from fact by going off subject and career year at 26? i thought baseball prime years where late 20s early 30s.....but you know so much about baseball. just like you know this argument about roberts and cano ended with last year proving roberts as the better ballplayer (again) btw, who made the all star roster this year? who hasn't made one since 2006 (the year someone hit an average he will never hit again)
  13. Roberts vs. Cano

    gotchya. lead off hitters produce more then 7th or 8th hitters..... question. why do you think they hit lead off instead of getting buried at the bottom of the lineup? is it becuase they are a better hitter? is it because they get on base and do more damage then the 8th hitter? is it because the manager realizes they'd get more runs on the board by getting them more at bats? wait though....cano batted 6th today with a depleted Yankee roster right behind Richie Sexton and before Melky Cabrera, Jose Molina, and Justin Christian. He's so valuable a hitter he hits behind a .200 hitter that his former team, which is in last place, didn't even want in their lineup anymore but please, go ahead and explain to me the difference between a leadoff hitter, Kinsler, and a bottom of the order hitter, Cano, who you believe is the god's answer to the second base position.....i want to hear it from the expert
  14. Roberts vs. Cano

    less balls then Jeter? please don't tell me you meant no-range cano who was about to be an outfielder if Torre had his way and since you wanna go on espn.com for stats.........Kinsler has a much better OBP this year and over his career even though superCano hit .340 one year. Also, Kinsler's 2008 and career OPS beats out Cano. How about fielding now since you point out 16 errors this year....Kinsler made as many this year as he made each of his previous two so he's had a rough start (sound familiar) but career numbers aren't that far off. Try checking out that stat called RF (Range Factor) where Kinsler's is 50 points higher then Cano's. Wow, imagine that, the stat shows Kinsler gets to more balls then Cano. And stolen bases, runs, etc. need not be mentioned since its just a non factor even though Cano is in the top lineup money can buy Do yourself a favor and leave yourself out of any baseball conversations before you continue to embarass yourself by defending Cano to the death
  15. Roberts vs. Cano

    keep it up, seriously.....establishing that you believe cano is christ's second coming to the second base position due to a .300 average the past two years is something you've made clear on that rationale, freddie sanchez should be mentioned as one of the best position players in the NL because he had that great year i get it now...