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  1. I am selling vouchers for 1 Bottle/Table at Tenjune (Meatpacking Distract). As per the voucher it includes the following: • Table for four • VIP access • One bottle of premium vodka or Champagne • Olives The voucher is good from Tuesday to Friday. Must be redeemed by 6/28/12 This transaction can be done entirely over the web. After I receive payment I can transfer the voucher to your Gilt account. The voucher will be in your name when you receive it. I have 2 of these vouchers so if you are interested in both please let me know. please private message me
  2. Dude...what happened to the "..." Board????

    just thought about this board today too. where is bump and ...????
  3. Hellooo anyone out thereeee?

  4. this shit is dead. fucking place is a ghost town. good job
  5. Pretty fucked up thing to say but I hate them. I'm an asian male. Thai/filipino. Not as hardcore as the real flips, I actually only have one flip friend. I just find most asians corny and sticking to their asian clicks. I think its ridiculous and want no part of it. I went to exit tonight and saw the asians in their little groups. The guys were all goofy and what not and it just pissed me off. If I say I'm asian to someone they think I'm like one of these goof balls. I'm no model myself but I know I'm not like them. They are all in the way with their corny outfits and glow sticks. All sitting around all cracked out. Super corny if you ask me. They are all small as well. I am not gigantic but again I am bigger then those guys. The girls are alright sometimes, even though I am not really attracted to them. You usually see asian with asian groups because they like it like that. I think its corny as hell. I think they should make a club just for those kinds of groups because they are just taking up space at exit. I know ppl will say just have fun and what not and its just for having a good time. Well a couple of those bastards bumped into me without turning around and saying sorry. I saw a couple of them trying to hook up with girls with their glow sticks in hand. Fucking pathetic... flame away
  6. itunes 6

    anyone have the installation file for itunes 6? itunes 7 blows
  7. First let's review the thread, here's the link: http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?threadid=97047 TONIGHT AT THE NEW SHARK BAR!!! TEMPTS VIP GIVEAWAY - THE FIRST 200 PEOPLE RECEIVE A TEMPTATIONS VIP CARD - RESIDENT DJ. NICKY SIBILIA SPINNING THE BEST IN HOUSE - OUTDOOR/INDOOR VENUE. 4 TIKI BARS - BBQ GRILLING - SAND AREA - BEACH VOLLEYBALL - BRICK WALKWAYS - 21 FOR LADIES AND GENTS - THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO RECEIVE A TEMPTS VIP CARD FOR 2002 - TONIGHT COME EXPERIENCE THE NEW SHARK BAR. EVERY THURSDAY COME FEEL THE ENERGY ALL SUMMER LONG!!! FOR DIRECTIONS AND/OR INFO. CALL 973.326.9554 THE SHARK BAR, 4 JOHN ST., MORRISTOWN NJ. __________________ went there and I went up to probably everyone that worked at this place. both inside and outside. no one seemed to know what tempts was even. the only people that addressed tempts were the two door people, first the guy says as soon as you get in you fill out a form for it and as soon as i get in the girl that i gave my money to says they are giving them away inside. what happened to first 200 people gets a card? after walking around and asking everyone what was up i went back to the guy who told me i just fill out a form and he had nothing to say. me and my friends weren't pleased, i hope they are happy with my $10. i've never seen a club bullshit more in my life, there was no truth to the advertisement above at all and i won't be surprised if no one got the vip card.
  8. to be invited to the AIM chat room for this forum.
  9. fuck me

    how do u want it?
  10. - The Reputation Thread -

    I will "approve" any person's post on this thread. If possible return the favor. HoLLa
  11. anyone have suggestions on what to hit up march 9-13? looking to party and see some chicks. holla
  12. going to vegas march 9-13, any club suggestions?

    i didn't think it was but ppl keep telling me about these club packages. i guess its bs
  13. going to vegas march 9-13, any club suggestions?

    i've just heard of packages being available. something like a wrist band and paying up front to enter a couple clubs
  14. going to vegas march 9-13, any club suggestions?

    i like house but the ppl i will be there with prefer hip hop. i just wanna know where the hot spots are at. as long as there is decent music, vibe and chicks we are good. i keep hearing about these deals and packages for the clubs over there. and all my trips to vegas i've never taken advantage of one. anyone have any info on that?
  15. What happened at Roxy?

    u know junior brings a gay crowd right?
  16. Books

    these all sound like girl books, yuck
  17. Choking Game

    no offense to the girl but they always glorify these children that they were great kids before they died. i mean how smart are you to hang yourself in your fucking closet. when i was a kid i never did any stupid shit like that. i got in trouble like normal kids. choking myself to feel tingly? what kind of shit is that
  18. new civic release party

    looks pretty hot actually
  19. texas hold em

    its the shit
  20. Entourage

    how could u not like this show
  21. Glo?

    hiphop club, its a good time

    i think club tru is disgusting
  23. no napster, audiogalaxy, no what????

    shit has been dead for me, can't dl shit