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  1. DC Nightlife Schedule

    I know where Vic will be on the 20th... (ff - pic if you will)
  2. Wear a hat and find a really tall guy - have him wave it around when the bills start falling.
  3. Now see here. There is no reason to get mad... just because everytime you step into NY an Amber Alert is issued; that is no reason to be upset with the state. Or take your anger out on me - I just live here - I don't make the rules...
  4. Back in NYC Saturday.... Not like I wont be down again. Supposed to make more trips down there for discussions.
  5. SOoooo who's goin?? Thinking about it.
  6. anyone have comcast cable . . .

    What'd you do?? Lop "Rightie" off during a freak kitchen accident??
  7. help: whats going on sat jan 24?!?

    Did you forget that the it also comes from Jersey?? Now THAT would be a real nightmare.
  8. Happy birthday crank47!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday
  9. Attn: Rocky

    I stand corrected...
  10. Paul Louth Coming to NYC!

    Not if I don't kick yours in on Friday evening. :laugh:
  11. Paul Louth Coming to NYC!

    Oh yeah... Thanks for moving my thread biatch!!! Damn seems like every thread I ever start gets moved to the drama board... Just because you have to stay at work doesn't mean you should take it out on everyone else...
  12. Wussies!!!

    Federal Government, open; employees being dimissed 3 hours early. Hey look out for that frosting....
  13. Paul Louth Coming to NYC!

    promises, promises...