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  1. Even though I have not posted here in god knows how long, Nick showed me this and I just HAD to comment. I am sure all you mutts posted all year on this team in your spanglish you all speak, pretty fucking pathetic if you ask me. So whats the excuse, Rickys Hair, or gonna go to the scapegoat of your Coach. See ya next year you piss poor pieces of shit. :laugh:
  2. Oscar G sucks

    ha bro i havent been to space in a year. no clubs no drugs done with that nonsense... this is the first time i have posted on this board in a long ass while.
  3. Oscar G sucks

    Who Are You, im on aol, miked713. hit me up.
  4. Oscar G sucks

    People do drugs in Space?!?!?!?!
  5. Nick, weren't you just telling me how great Space was this weekend.....
  6. CP Drama Awards Vote

  7. draft predictions...

    chic stop trying to be mrs.mel kiper... you know absolutely nothing, p.s. - d nice there the vikings.
  8. Mr. Joe Torre

    Codica its Yankee fans like you who emerged from your Rocks after the Yanks won there series in the 90's, your the reason real yankee fans hate the bandwagon people like yourself. Maybe you should read espn.com like your moderator here, because Torre was sending Contreras down to the Minors. Just stick to clubs.
  9. Baseball Standings as of 04/23

    hello captain obvious. posting baseball standings, AWESOME!
  10. any teen clubs??

    Not for nothing before I turned 21, I got into every club in Miami with a fake, a i.d. we made and a I.d. that looked nothing like me with no problems repeatedly. Even when I got in trouble at space for something, lol, and I showed them my fake, they sat there and said, damn you jersey kids, and over 3 bouncers looked at my i.d., so please.
  11. any teen clubs??

    Andrew clubs are hard down here with id's...?? Example # 1 - Ben during WMC, enough said.
  12. NFL Draft: the qb's

    is that what mods do in this shit forum, copy shit from real people who know sports to make them self look like they know football, stay in the kitchen where you belong.
  13. hope your getting ready for another disappointing football season...
  14. What thee Hell Dooood.... :shaky:
  15. can any1 get 2 jet tickets for sunday

    i already been outbid a few times, and im not paying over $100 a ticket when I can probably scalp 2 for much cheaper, merry xmas too, see ya when we get back, we leave 2morrow night, can't wait.