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  1. Defense Lawyers for Severe Criminals

    you can't appeal an acquittal
  2. taking a guess at your musical preferences, but Kenny Dope (MAW) is playing the Ministry that saturday
  3. John Acquaviva

    maybe not, i dunno, just a guess based on previous DJ's I've seen booked.
  4. John Acquaviva

    he plays very diffferent sets for different places. For Powder it's probably gonna be funky house
  5. Sunday at Powder www.powderdeep.com
  6. cross is cool, but different night can be very different. just make sure you know who you are seeing and it should be good also, on the house tip, CJ MacKintosh is playing Turnmills that Saturday- good stuff.
  7. TRADE Night Club, Anyone Hear of it?

    www.discothequenyc.com fucking rip-off of trade london (RIP)
  8. shitty ass music...

    despite the fact that CP fucked your post, I feel ya completely. Black Moon, that was the shit!!!! Rock on
  9. Powder

    www.powderdeep.com who the hell is Serge?
  10. i havent bothered to watch real world this season, but having known people on past shows, they are not good representations of what actually goes on or how the people really are, so dont judge too much by it.
  11. nice excuse Quoth. Think I can get out of my evidence exam with it?
  12. house music dancing

    you had me until you couldn't spell Claussell
  13. The Whistle song. .

    yeah, house music sucks;)
  14. Be Yourself @ Limelight........

    I'll be there; and the next day, i'll be in toledo. Beat that!