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  1. involved roadblocks aunt and uncle who i think own resturant or diner of some sort
  2. i can probably answer all the questions but i have to think alot. i do know that golobulus voice in the movie was burgess meredith im almost positive
  3. the viper was ................ i am the viper and im here to wash the windows
  4. Att. Boywonder

    i think it is serious...... serious that everyone has pics of boy wonder and kirk. check all the underground fag joint and kirk and boywonders bend over pics are on the walls KIRK LOPEZ IS "IN" FRIDAYS at joeys
  5. J-O-E-Y-S tHuRsDaY

    both thursdays should be nuts. come and see me im the first bar on the right when u walk in and women atleast come flash me
  6. **Platinum Tonight--Roll Call**

    i havent been to this platnium yet maybe ill check it out next week. i am a north jersey bartender so i dont get away much
  7. if anyoone is interested in making a few bucks whie hanging out contact me also we are lookin for street distributors, u will get paid based on the amount of people that are brought in why go out and spend all ur money on a friday night when u can go out spend some and also make some too
  8. image fri

    image will once again be a good place to go on friday nights. it is either image joeys or u can jump into the hole at metro