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  1. http://bbs.clubplanet.com/music-media/110181-shiny-disco-balls-whispers.html#post958711

    I can see both you and I haven't been on CP in a couple of years ... would you be able to go back and delete that post? I'm ni the process of switching jobs and googling my name brings this shit up!


  2. http://bbs.clubplanet.com/music-medi...oulseek-2.html

    can u delete ur qutoe on pg 2 -- currently in the process of switching jobs and this comes up in my google results as like the 4th result.

  3. need an id

    thanks, yeah making it was going to be my last resort, but i found one. only needed it for the bars around baltimore ...
  4. need an id

    i was down there the other day ... st. marks and macdougal st. and everyone that used to have doesn't do them anymore -- probably cus of all the shit they would get into. thanks though.
  5. need an id

    going away to school in a few weeks ... and i need to get myself an id ... anyone know of anywhere in the city to pick one up?
  6. Paul van Dyk - Live at [email protected], Ibiza

    it took a year to get that tracklist? slackers. lol thanks for the reply, i think i ended up getting it on TA the next day.
  7. Clubs in Cancun

    Goin to Cancun for Spring break .. Anyone know of any good clubs down there that I should try to get to ?? Thanks, Tommy
  8. J.P. Quits Factory

    Look at the bright side ... Factory won't need to change any of it's rainbow banners or logos on their website
  9. Rocket Man Remix???

    Drivin last night and a remix of it came on KTU @ like 11:45 ... any idea who remixed it. It's definitely cheese but I haven't heard of it being remixed before other then Junior Vasquez's mixes.
  10. PVD Song in Commerical During Vma's

    Thanks for the response!
  11. Top 5 Tracks Your Feeling Now

    Trance I have on: Paul van Dyk - Time Of Our Lives (PVD Club Mix) Delerium - After All (Svenson & Gielen Rmx) Next Exit - Rise Of Nations Haak - Frenzy (MK-S Remix) Mac Zimms - L' Annonce des Couleurs (The Mystery Remix) Inkfish - Lost (Transa Rmx) Hemstock & Jennings ft. Adam White - Reverence Vincent De Moor - Eternity Odessi - Moments Of Space Angy Dee - 1 More Time (Original Mix) Miika Kuisma - Orion ... also anything off PVD's Live @ Energy Set ...
  12. Anyone know the name of the track ... I think it might be Connected but I haven't seen the commercial again. Thanks in advance ...
  13. review of dj dean masi cd

    Nice mix ... Definitely like it alot. Thanks...
  14. Anyone got a track list or cue list for Paul van Dyk - Live at [email protected], Ibiza [8.15.2002] ?? Thanks in advance...
  15. what's the best mauro picotto set???

    I love Live @ Sensation (Black Edition) and Live @ Nature One (I can send you the 2nd one if you want, Sensation I only have on CD cus I deleted the file.