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  1. who is copying who around here. And why does this website ban the use of the word "gr-o=ov-a-na-u-ts" if it's the same shit on both boards. And this aint drama bitches so don't move it. or do move or just delete it. I'm going to repost this on *********** anyway? It's a fucking Bump question.
  2. 0-60 in 4 Seconds In An Electric Car

    Top speed is only 135. I need to go faster. But the cost isn't as bad as I was expecting -$100,000 plus taxes and all the other bs, and if you live outside of SF or LA you have an additio$8,000 service fee.
  3. hello Club Planet

    Leave while you still have a chance.
  4. Dear Pornstar....

    Holy shit this thread is old.
  5. Why am I the Only Person That is Up at 5 AM ??

    I'm still around
  6. I quit

    Bullshit fuckstick, that wasn't drama. I'm actually impressed that it hasn't been removed since you can't even type out g roovanauts on this website anymore.
  7. dgmodel has been here for over 5 years

    i prefer gravynuts.
  8. The difference between....?

    Ha!! I thought this was going to say "what's the difference between CP and 'the other board'?"
  9. fuck me

    well fuck you then
  10. Promotional Company Name

    I would use something like groovalots
  11. I quit

    wow - they really did move this to the drama board.
  12. Boredom!

  13. I quit

    done it, hopefully no more ads.