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  1. In 5 or plus years will you be too old?

    Someone in here said 32 was old?? Hey, I'm 35 and I am still fighting for dance music to gain recognition. Though I have to admit, after my married life (1995), I have stopped going to the clubs on a regular basis though I still go very infrequently...just so that I can keep tune to what is going on and to help bolster the arguments for dance music to appear on the radio. TONY SANTIAGO creator, Metro NY Dance Radio Coalition
  2. Sign the petition and get WLIR to go full-time dance!

    To everyone here: I can actually understand how people feel about commercialism, especially when it comes to dance music. I can even understand why people would feel apprehensive about signing something that has to relate to something corporate such as music being heard on the radio. If you can get XM Satellite radio and hear good dance music without commercials, that is fine...though you still are dealing with corporate in the sense that you have to pay approx $10 a month for the privilege for some company to allow you to hear their signal. Would you allow that to stop you from hearing dance music in your car?? Me personally, no. And sure, you can burn MP3's left and right and you have dance music that makes you feel like you are in the future since you are playing stuff that radio might take a year (if at all) to latch onto. Let me get to sleepiswaste posts since I didn't elaborate. I do realize that the music industry (not just dance music) is very cut-throat. And I can see why something like this could turn someone off in regards to corporate. But what I am doing with this petition, I do it for the love of the music. Nothing else (you can ask people in here or alt.music.dance and they'll tell you if you don't want to take my word for it). I am not involved in the industry (music or radio). I am just a dance fan. Just like you are. And to touch on xpander's opinion about dance music, for years and years dance music has always been given the bastard child treatment and frankly it pisses me off. Maybe I want to get the music to the point where it isn't just the popsy cheese part of dance that only works, but the whole enchilada. Works like that in Canada. Alright, so 'KTU wasn't what we all wanted. Just sounds like Z-100/Hot 97 (1990). Which is why when 'LIR added GOOD dance music, it was time to act upon this. Right now as a dance fan, you have to start thinking in terms of unity (at the very least with the fans of the music that buy it and go to clubs for it.) It is time for US to determine what we want. Sleepiswaste, I don't want to force you to sign the petition since you do have validity to your views and if you really fear that a corporation is going to screw up 'LIR the same way 'KTU's sound is, then you were right all along and I will be the first to prop you for that. But I think the reason why everyone else IS signing is because they want a station that is dance/rhythmic but DOESN'T sound like a 'KTU. Anyway, it is your choice to do what you want. But maybe this is me saying it, but not signing the petition and being a dance fan perhaps mean that everything is good and that there are no problems with radio; you like things status quo. No crime in it, but so far, the radio folks on the other side have been talking in other boards about my petition and at best it at least bubbles the dance music argument once again that perhaps 'KTU doesn't do enough and that people DO want better choices. TONY SANTIAGO
  3. Sign the petition and get WLIR to go full-time dance!

    "for once i want to hear a radio station play music and nothing else. " Two words....satellite radio. Now for other things. Mike! I do remember you. You were there are the rally we had up in Elmsford back then! Yeah! Well I actually never left the scene. I still had the website going for a bit, until last year and I still continue to post in alt.music.dance. I was just quiet all those years until this happened with 'LIR and people were e-mailing me about this. That's why I came back. And for those that want to know the count on the petition, so far 63 siggies. This morning when I woke up, there were 28! So to those of you that have signed, thank you! AND SPREAD THE WORD! If you know of other dance music forums out there, let me know at [email protected] so that I can get the word out in those areas. Thank you, TONY SANTIAGO
  4. Sign the petition and get WLIR to go full-time dance!

    I have been reading your posts and all and I am going to answer a couple of questions about this. 1) The reason why the numbers are low is because the petition has just gotten underway. 2) For those of you fearing that this station is going to be another 'KTU, what I am trying to fight for is a choice. For those people that like the older stuff, the popsy, freestyle a la 1990 music that is there, they can have 'KTU. What WE want is a current happening station that is progressive (trance, house, etc.) And despite some comments about Party 105, they are a HELLUVA lot better than 'KTU. At least we might have a chance to hear Ian Van Dahl's "I Will" versus 'KTU's 30,000 run of "Castles In The Sky" and we want to see if Party 105 can go into 92.7 and for modern rock fans, take the 92.7/98.5 thing solely to 98.5 3) Granted, a 100% dance station cannot work. But at least let us pick it up to the point where we can get the music WE want. And if it is about hip-hop and pop, what would you rather deal with, Ja Rule or 'N Sync. 4) If you don't want to sign, no one is forcing you to. But then it makes me think that is what is wrong with the dance music community. That since there are so many genres of it, that we aren't united enough to stand together and make ourselves known. Which is why radio and media haven't given us a fair chance. Right now is no time to be apathetic and fear that another dance station will sound like 'KTU. I will say it again.....it is time for US to take control and have a say. After all, the bottom line is us come advertisers anyway. Look I respect people's views on this matter and whether or not I agree with them is unimportant right now. What IS important however is that WE as dance music fans take some sort of control on what we want. And I think it is very clear that for a new dance station, we do NOT want a 'KTU style station. We want something more progressive. Anyway, the petition is based at http://www.petitiononline.com/wlir927/petition.html At the very least, we have radio people talking about this so we awoke some eyes! TONY SANTIAGO
  5. Attention dance music fans in the New York Metropolitan area. Lately WLIR (92.7/Long Island) has been adding dance music onto their rotation, the stuff that is more progressive and cutting edge than other radio stations in the area. For those that might remember, a few years ago, I ran the Metro New York Dance Radio Coalition years ago to get a dance station back to New York. While 'KTU did come on, while they have done a decent job, a lot of us feel that they haven't done enough to progress dance music. What WLIR has been doing has been nothing short of fantastic! So much so that we would like to see them go further with the dance music on a full-time basis. If you feel the same way, then visit http://www.petitiononline.com/wlir927/petition.html and sign your name/e-mail to the list (your e-mail address will NOT be shown.) If you want to research further about what I am talking about visit http://www.nydailynews.com/2001-12-06/New_York_Now/Television/a-134265.asp where I was interviewed about the petition drive. If you want to make some noise and get dance music further recognized, sign the petition! Thank you, TONY SANTIAGO