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  1. new Year's in LA

    anybody heard of any sweet events in la that don't require me to go to an arena or stand outside in the cold to hear great music and quality DJ's. i know of only one that looks amazing, but it's too much for me (125). 2002newyearsbash.com i'm on a tight budge now, and i can't affort it even if it's all you can eat and drink
  2. New Years Eve Help

    i know of a party that's suppossed to be super phat at one of the best places in LA (Fenix at Argile i think). friends of friends are throwing it at. it's kinda pricey, but i know they are going to have bomb dj's, and they have amazing food and all you can drink for like 125. i know its private, and you can't buy tickets unless you know the url (which isn't listed or found anywhere). i think that if u r discreet and bring a small crew that you can get in there and have an amazing new years. its www.2002newyearsbash.com just don't spread it around the net or they will catch on. it's big enough so that people won't know who u r friends with. have fun!