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  1. Whats This Mean Guys?

    when it says scene and it says "B&T" whats that mean ?? what is the B&T??
  2. no place to have sex...does anybody have any advice???

    I'd say central park just after dark.. find a nice lil cozy place..and when the sun goes down she's all yours. ppl might see but they won't care, because it happens so often.
  3. OT: How old are you?

    I'm 19
  4. Help a sista out..pleasssse!

    I am 19 and I need some help. Most freakin clubs is 21 and over and most if not all of my friends are 21 and over. What clubs don't check ID lol i am so serious. What clubs aren't so strict? :confused:Hook me up please! I would appreciate it. Mar PS. I'm also new to this site, so if anyone wants to chat or whatever hit me up.. [email protected]