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  1. Space Management are clueless

    If this is serioulsy true im deeply sad.... i just got done hanging out with edgar in vegas where i live wendsday...and now this happens Space fires him....if this is true i say FUCK SPACE!!!! and people have to support the dj cuz the music is bigger then any CLUB!!! and these club owners better relize that!!!
  2. Vegas for NEW YEARS!!!

    ahh man sorry that it was such a disapointment....but u went to the wrong clubs man!!.... HOB is a good place ...but i would have to say Club Utopia ....,Seven,Club Rain,Club Ra,Babies,etc....these clubs play only trance,house,techno .....but yeah rio is top 40 shit, rum jungle ones in a hwile will have a house or trance dj there but usually top 40 crap as well.....
  3. Vegas for NEW YEARS!!!

    well pvd was sopposedly playing 3 gigs NYE First in Phoenix then in LA then last he would hit vegas ...but im glad hes comming to vegas on the 30th cuz now i can see him spin longer then 2 hours
  4. Vegas for NEW YEARS!!!

    C2k isnt much of a club anymore..... ...i would say try Ra,Utopia, and the new club RAIN!...those i would have to say are the hotspots here in vegas PAUL VAN DYK @ 30th at Club RAIN
  5. Vegas for NEW YEARS!!!

    Paul Van Dyk was sopposedly sopposed to play on NYE last in LAS VEGAS ..at the MADALAYBAY GIANT ARENA PARTY...but for some reason hes not anymore...but hes playing a day before in the new club called RAIN....at the PALMS HOTEL..i went to this club last weekend and i must say its a very nice club...
  6. Top Dj's and Producers of 2001

    1. Paul Van Dyk .... His production this year was superb..rmx amazing...his POD cd just a masterpiece..this guy did it all This year. other djs up there Ferry Corsten Tiesto Sander Kleinenberg Steve Lawler Digweed