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  1. You just may be a K-head!

    When you realize that that lone snow skier who is skiing up a vast snow blizzard mountain range and you follow him skiing up with your eyes for what seems like hours but then he turns out to be just a small plant hanger on your white ceiling then you just may have been in a khole.
  2. why the hamptons?

    Does anybody else see the irony here at how when a comment against the Jews is made there is an uproar by certain people, however USA who throughout the months has been posting the most disturbing, racist, stereotypical shit and if anybody needs to get banned on here it should have been USA a hell of a long time ago. Where were you people when USA and others like him were spewing their venom against other races and religions? I'm not trying to start drama here, I'm just trying to point out the obvious hypocritical double-standard these certain people continuously exhibit.
  3. Sailors not "cool" enough for Lotus!

    Yes 100% Ralph.. American born Syrian. I believe Assyrians are from somewhere east of Syria (Iraqi region) if I'm not mistaken? My sister introduced me to an Assyrian friend recently and I was suprised b/c I had always thought the Assyrians were ancient like the Phoenicians and no longer existed, and that the Assyrians became the Syrians or something like that.. anyways where you people been hiding? Peace, Ronny
  4. Sailors not "cool" enough for Lotus!

    Thanks for the apology Ralph. It was impossible to tell if you were joking let alone that you are also an Arab. Im sorry I should have made myself clearer with the analogy... but I was simply trying to point out you were stereotyping. Peace, Ronny
  5. Sailors not "cool" enough for Lotus!

    Cakewalk what you said about if the doorman was of Arab descent then that would explain everything was just uncalled for. Thats like saying that if the man who molested you was a catholic priest then that would explain everything. Or if the man who conned you was a Jew then that would explain everything.. Unless of course you're a RACIST PIG because then THAT would explain everything.
  6. http://www.iap.org/rallyapril12.htm The Metropolitan Muslim Federation is calling upon the people of conscience to stand in a rally to stop Palestinian genocide. When: 11:00am, Friday, April 12, 2002 Where: Times Square (Broadway at 42nd Street.) 1. Stop the Palestinian massacres. 2. Indict the war criminal, Ariel Sharon. 3. End U.S. aid to Israel. 4. End Israeli Occupation. 5. Right to return for Palestinians. 6. Right of Palestinians to a sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital.
  7. Ladies: My ass your finger, whats that all about???

    For educational purposes, the prostate gland, which is a gland men have that can give intense pleasure when stimulated can be reached by sticking your finger up a guys ass and rubbing in a "come hither" motion. When this is done during intercourse, for many guys it makes the orgasm even more explosive. Also, girls if you ever want to make a guy come faster just stick your finger up his ass, for some reason this is known to work like a charm for most people. Happy experimenting!
  8. Bad news for americans

    lmao perfecto25 funny sh*t you people come up with but you deinately hit it right on the nose!
  9. Mamouns........I crave

    arabic food is my favorite! mmmm
  10. thank you sassa for bringing this to our attention.