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  1. Deep Dish at Vinyl! You can never go wrong with DD...but some ppl don't like them. Oh well. But their new GU Moscow album kicked my ass, and seeing them at Centro-Fly was just amazing, amazing, amazing.
  2. I just realized I am genderless! How do I edit my profile! Hehehehe~ If Sista didn't give out the idea, I don't know what would. You bet I'll spread the words around! See ya Mugz! (By the way, I do know your real name...hahaha;))
  3. pseudo open decks on wednesday

    I thought I put up a post on this thread, was it a different one? Anyway, I'll definitely show up to learn a thing or two about DJ'ing...don't be surprised if you see me trainspotting~ I'll see you guys there! The first night a couple of weeks back was awesome. I guess I missed some sorta drama last week... Well, I'm def. there on Wednesday!
  4. Guess who~ Hahaha. I'm sorry I missed you guys last week, but I'll definitely be there. I sent/gave/put those flyers all over the place, I hope that helped. That place is phat... And the vibe is awesome. Although it's not as crowded as it should be, I have confidence that it will hit it up big soon, and seeing/listening to new DJ's(or some of the old timers) is very cool indeed. See ya soon! Jayme is in da house~