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  1. Crobar Review

    Yea an american who abviously has Italian in their heritage. Let's see what you posted earlier. (i happen to be italian in my ancestry...100% matter of fact but ive never visited the country and its never done a thing for me) So if you wan't to piss on your own kind go right the fuck ahead. Your the "American" who looks like a schmuck!
  2. Crobar Review

    Your an embarassement to the Italian race.
  3. Riicchhiieeee Fuckin Rryyddeellll

    I Amuka Richie.
  4. inspecter dekooooooooooo reviewsss

    good times.
  5. Homotron Followers

    Dan it was nice seeing you out kid! You LaVa it!
  6. the circle at Merge Sunday night....

    definitely one of the better circles i have seen in a while. ramon is flat out nasty. jumping joe had it goin on too.
  7. Merge's sound system

    i could not get over how load and clear that fucker was. rydell was definitely doing his thing on sunday night. had so much fun, and the energy was insance on that dance floor with that circle that was going on ALL night long. Reminded me of old school SF when the vibe and circles was just absolutely pumping in there all night long. loved how rydell mixed a few classics with tons of new shit. most fun i had was sunday hands down out of the whole weekend.
  8. My Pick for Vocal of the Summer...

    Dan the only thing you know how to pick is your nose and ass!
  9. who is the worst dj in nj?

    I doubt it's envy kid. People are entitiled to opinions. Maybe they don't like his style. Can't keep all the people happy all the time.
  10. Drama like usual

    what a fucking hand job. who looks like the kiddie now.
  11. A CD DJ's Dream..

    well according to a few people they searched the ip's and i am john holmes......lol. tell you brothers friend i said thanks.....
  12. A CD DJ's Dream..

    that is what i would think too. but in the last two weeks i have had to people that i am friendly with question me which is rather annoying. if i think someone sucks i have no problem letting them know it is me that thinks they suck. and there are plenty of those type of dj's around....
  13. A CD DJ's Dream..

    doesn't matter to me anyways, just annoying that all. like i said people have nothing better to do then pop shit for no reason.
  14. A CD DJ's Dream..

    This is def a CD dj's dream. P.S. Whoever is popping shit that I am making fake names on this site and bashing dj's better think twice. Fucking homos have nothing better to talk about......