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  1. i dont believe we met.. but def come down and introduce urself.. we will have a b-day drink
  2. correct.. me and Mark Amatucci are spinning downstairs the entire night on Sept 2nd.. cant wait.. its going to be a good night.. if anyone wants to come its free before 11 just saying Jason Fama and Mark Amatucci's list.. hope to see some people represent -Jason
  3. oh boy looks like alot of characters will be in the house.. binoy like i told u yesterday.. best of luck with they new spot.. glad u got something that u finally wanted.. c-ya saturday!!
  4. Spin Fridays @ Club Sleep

    ahh shittttttt
  5. Deko This Saturday 5/1...

    i better see ur ass at deko early
  6. Spin Fridays @ Club Sleep

    u guys love sleep
  7. Deko This Saturday 5/1...

    CANT WAIT!!!
  8. tracklisting for JP CD

    its not the 3rd disc.. its one of the discs from the original compilations that was supposed to come out back in late 2001 i believe it was.. for whatever reason there was problems putting it out so he did the new one which is the live with jonathan peters.. i know all the id's but i dont have em written down i just remember em all from sf
  9. Everyone Read!!!!!!!!!!!

    dont laugh cause u LuFF this board.. hahaha
  10. Everyone Read!!!!!!!!!!!

    i was actually gonna use that one.. def perfect for this thread.. i now know why i stopped posting on this site..
  11. Everyone Read!!!!!!!!!!!

    hahahhhhahhahahhahaha.. oh god stop with the humor.. would u like me to list what are my favorite labels?? i cant believe im going back and forth with u about this
  12. Patriots vs Panthers..SB 38

    pats are gonna be huge favorites.. as much as i would like to see carolina win because i think Fox is a great coach and use to love him as the assistant on the giants.. i think the pats are gonna win