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  1. where everyone go on thanksgiving eve??

    Centro-Fly:D ....for Diggers Crowded as all holy fuck ( they even ran out of hangers in coat check so 1/3 of the people were wearing their coats inside ) but the energy was good. Had a blast as usual. Centro never lets me down anyone check out LL/ Estate? Heard that was awesome too.
  2. If you could have a 10 minute...

    Who said shopping spree?!!! ~~Bebe~~ ~~Arden B.~~ ~~Bloomies~~ ~~Neiman Marcus~~ ~United Colors of Benetton~ .... I just visited heaven. :love2: If only it were real....
  3. Ahhh Jenna Jameson

  4. y'all seen this???...

    Christina Applegate looks the moast road-hard out of all of them. The rest , like alicia silverstone ating w/ her mouth open, don't really look so "ugly" they just look ordinary.... Except for Michael jackson, whose pics were taken years apart, (you know the first one was in 85 and the second one is from yesterday.) Which should make everyone feel good.... like I know I don't need that much makeup for people to give me a second look. I wonder what would happen if I had a makeup artist....I guess I'd have to beat them off w/ a stick and never leave my house w/ out a body guard.
  5. At what age do you want to be settled down & married ?

    See, this is my attitude. Marriage is not a death sentence if youre with the right person. If you're gonna act like a ball of chain, i don't wanna marry you. Fly with me or fuck off. "Settling down" is independent from finding someone you can spend your life with.
  6. At what age do you want to be settled down & married ?

    Married and settled down are not synonymous for me. I think that's just a way to make commiting to someone sound like a life sentence. I hope to be married before 30. I will start to settle down around there. Maybe start a family. ( 20 now)
  7. What is the first thing you notice about a person?

    Smile gets me every time
  8. How would you describe yourself (nationality wise?)

    HELL-O! That sounds nice. Forgive me, I have a Moroccan Fetish. 100% American I am Haitian, Dominican, Portuguese, French, and English in background. Family moves around about every 2 generations so I lose the line after great grandparents. I was doin' some research and my Spanish last name ( from Dominican Rep.) might mean I have some claim to the Spanish throne.... any links to the throne means you can marry any European Royalty. What a fit they would have to see a darkie like me out w/ their royalty.
  9. Well from a serious relationship point of view, I'm pretty spiritual and could not even concieve spending my life with someone who completely rejected God, or who could never appreciate the beliefs that make me who I am and affect how I behave. I also could not spend my life with someone who openly condemned other religions or spirituality. I think basically I want your personal beliefs to be compatible with my own and someone who is open minded. When it comes to race and nationality, I pretty much don't care as long as you're hot. There are certain physical characteristics that will always turn me on, but I'll take it no matter what country or race you are. If you don't have a problem with me, I don't have a problem with you. You just better be a sexy piece of ass. And mixed race children are always so beautiful....
  10. How many languages do you speak?

    Fluent in Francais and Ingles, can understand rudimentary Espangol
  11. What kind of shopper are you?

  12. Would you buy a Knockoff????

    If you look hard enough you can find the real thing for really cheap. In Massachusettes we found a Versace Outlet store and got the makeup, the belts, shoes dresses you name it. For realistic prices. Also I never buy a knockoff if it doesn't look right. I go to Neiman Marcus and Saks and handle the real thing, so I know what kind of quality to look for. Let me tell you I've seen some prada stuff for 300 dollars that was made so crudely that I wouldn't pay 5$ for it on Canal Street, let alone pay full price at the department store. Anyway It's very tacky, low class, and a very nouveau-riche thing to have all your shit with the designer label alll over it like some girl scout badge. Like the Louis Vuitton thing is getting so played. I wouldn't want it anymore b/c I'll look like all the wannabes. Shop wisely girls.
  13. LMAO, anti-sex superhero in NYC

    We'll see
  14. LMAO, anti-sex superhero in NYC

    What a stupid ho. I'm sure she means well but I'd like to see her fuckin' tell me that I'm weak and easily manipulated to my face. Just cuz she came from a small town and acted like an idiot doesn't mean everyone out there is as dumb as she is.