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  1. SIRIUS or XM satellite radio?

    If you're into sports go with sirius they have deals with nfl and nhl...and the thing about the satelites is also correct..
  2. What are some good hotel spots where they won't fuck with you too much and its close to everything plus good prices?
  3. First time to Miami June 3rd-7th

    Hey wassup ya'll. Me and a few of my boys will be heading down to Miami from Jersey June 3-7. This will be our first time out there. Wanted to get some opinions and clubs that are good right now. All I ever hear ppl talk about when they go down there are these..Crobar,Opium, Nikki Beach, Level, Deep, are these worth it or all hype? Thanks..
  4. Grandmaster Flash Roll Call

    when is this?
  5. Good City chill Bars?

    Hey, any advice on a good bar or bars in the city..u know good music and good vibes..not crazy expensive drinks either..thanks
  6. Bar None?

    Is Bar None in the vill any good? Wondering if it was worth checking out before I hit a club on the weekend...
  7. Miami first time july 2- 7th

    ok now 2 more ?'s...at what time does these clubs close? I hope they're not on some jersey shit which is bout 2:30...and do any of these places play spanish music? or do u know of any good places that do?
  8. Miami first time july 2- 7th

    Ok thanks for all the info..i'm sure i'll have a blast..but do any of ya know of any good happy hours spots? or good spots to hit during the day..where them fly mia ladies be??...oh are any of these half way decent hip hop clubs..cause i would like to hit atleast one..or clubs with 2 n 3 rooms in them...
  9. Miami first time july 2- 7th

    Hey whats goin on?? Me and my peoples are going down to south beach for the first time from july 2nd - 7th...we all from Jersey and have no clue what spots are poppin out there...now hook me up with the 411..
  10. What to do during the day at Seaside?

    What to do during the day? Try getting fucked up and pickin up some bitches on the b-walk..
  11. Party Outisde at the Tiki Bar

    Where the hell is the tiki bar located?
  12. Memorial day party @ exit whos going I am

    forget exit..ya need to take ur asses to the jersey shore...Seaside baby...the females are sickkkkk
  13. Just wondering who's going to seaside this memorial day...i hear it's always sick for that weekend down there..going down for the first time..My friend's dad own's like 5 clubs out there!!!
  14. according to eminem nobody listens to techno

    word thats what i'm saying...em is simply saying that moby is wack...and not that many people could possibly be listening to it cause i dont see that shit breaking record #'s!!!! so get off em's shit:blown:
  15. MTV or MTV2

    Yeah def MTV2 by far...better videos and more variety...