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    I just finished traveling the US for the past 16 months...45 states later, I'm ready to go international now.
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    A lotta weird sh*t...trust ;)
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  1. Oh yeah, I don't want to forget about this place either. What has anyone heard about Deko or Deco or whatever you call it? Where exactly is it, what nights is it open, what type of crowd, etc. Any info would be great, I'm just tryin to catch myself up! Much luv.
  2. Ok all, I don't know if any of you have been to this place...it's in Woodbridge, right on Route 9 near the big Hess building. I was curious if anyone has been there what it's like, what nights are good, etc. Any info you can give me will be helpful, and later on I can give y'all a big surprise!
  3. Belmar....

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to check in...I am traveling X-country right now, for a year, and I havent been down to my hometown (BELMAR) in a while. I was curious to see if anyone has been to DJais, or Bar A, or the Boathouse, etc and if so, how have they been lately? Also, hell...how has tradewinds been, or Jenks, or Temps? Any of them I am curious about as well. Just gimme your thoughts on it...I miss the summers at the jersey shore a lil bit, as mundane as they sometimes can be. Got much luv for ya all, PEAS. [email protected]
  4. Danny vs Danny review....GREAT and bad...

    Well, I know I am late with my reply, but the truth is that I dont get on Clubplanet that much anymore. Either way, after running a few "errands" and what not, I finally strolled in to the old Vinyl at about 6am to see Danny Tenaglia for the first time. My WONDERFUL cousin Xander ([email protected]) got me in for free, thereby avoiding paying the $50 cover, I walked in to a perfectly populated club. The crowd was wonderful, friendly, and it was crowded but not overly so. I was doing no drugs, had no booze,and was there just for the music and the people. I was glad I went and I had a great great time. I dont know how everyone else felt about the night (or morning) but I was really amped and was glad I went, and didn't leave until about 9am or so (I had to be back and ready for the next day). But again, big ups to Danny Tenaglia, I was really surprised at how good he was, and I want to say thanks again to my cousin Xander for coming through and showing me a good time. Linabina baby, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you I was going to be in the city that weekend, and I'm in Florida now, but I wanna let u know now that I'll be in Atlantic City for the 4th of July weekend, so....that's about it! GOOD NIGHT, GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD MUSIC...GREAT TIME. Much luv to all, PEAS I'm out. [email protected]
  5. Have Sex with Me!!!

    Hey, did I mention I'm a moron yet? Yeah, we did some testing and the results are conclusive...I'm a grade A dumbass. I was an English major, so my math skills are a lil sh*tty, k? Still got much luv tho- Kev
  6. Have Sex with Me!!!

    It didnt work for me on one thing. I tried the number one...doubled it, that made two. Add 5, that makes 7. Multiply 7 times 50 and that made 350. I added that to the 1751 because I haven't had my birthday (it's march 26th) and I ended up getting 2101. Now the last two numbers are right...the number I picked wuz 01, but I'm not 21 years old, I'm 23. So....I dont know what that means...but there ya go. Much luv to all~ Kev
  7. I would definitely, without a doubt, most like to see LINABINA this summer! She's a sweetheart for sure.
  8. OK all, I got a question for you. I was just kinda curious to see where everyone stood on summer clubs. You know, the types of clubs that are only open in the summer, and are usually located down the shore (by me lol). Where at happy hour the girls are all wearin nothin but bathin suits, and the guys, well...who the hell knows...I was too busy lookin at the girls. But anyway, the one near me is called DJais, and like I said, it's only open in the summer, and it's got a WAY different vibe than I'm used to, but I gotta tell you all somethin, I really liked it. You obviously don't have to agree with me, but that's what I'm tryin to find out here... If you know of any other clubs like I mean, just drop a line and let me know what you think of em. Personally, I can't wait for summer, but I'm havin a blast now for sure! Be good...and don't do nothin I wouldn't do...
  9. Dave Ralph

    DAVE RALPH I would get all into this, and act all hyped, but to tell you the truth, if you are into the scene at all, you already know about this event; I'm just gonna give you the facts. N A T U R A L I Z E D Featuring Dave Ralph Date: Friday, February 8th, 2002 Location: Hunka Bunka Ballroom 570 Jernee Mill Road Sayreville, NJ Open: Doors open at 9pm For additional information or directions, please call 732-254-6700, or check out http://www.bonsolid.com. Well, that's pretty much all the information you would need. If you need me to tell you about Dave Ralph, about what he's done, about who he's worked with, about where he's been and who he is , then you just don't know. The future of New Jersey club life has arrived... Much luv- UnDiEs AIM- undies78 [email protected]
  10. I know Saleen may be wrong when it comes to things like music and having a good time, but he DOES have taste when it comes to one thing...did anyone else on here see the picture that accompanies his posts? WOW that woman is amazing. I'm sorry I had to go off-topic there, but I just wanted to point that out and voice my appreciation. Thanks. Much luv
  11. Trend, Dec 27 is going to be the best thing going on in the state of NJ that night, regardless of how many MC's or whatever it is you have a problem with are there. Max Graham is, well...Max Graham. Anybody who knows him knows that his music speaks volumes, and that it quiets everything else that people think would take away from it, like the state or the venue. And Trendroid as the resident DJ? Are you kidding me? If you've never heard these guys, you've just gotta get out to Hunka Bunka. These guys are absolutely amazing, I can't even describe their sound. You just have to feel them for yourself. What I'm tryin to say is, no matter what problems you have with NJ clubs, or hunka Bunka, or whatever...this night is not to be missed. Trust me. Much luv- Kevin ([email protected])