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  1. peyote

    is it possible to get some peyote in NYC? no one likes to hallucinate any more:(
  2. i just read this question in URB what do yo do after a long night of parting? pass out pig out smoke out make out me personally when i had a girlfriend it would be sex than smoke now it's mostly smoke
  3. So Were can I find the best..

    wow thats a lot of differant types i need a better hook-up
  4. So Were can I find the best..

    Is NYC the only city were they still sell weed with seeds in the bag?
  5. I just got back from FL. and I pains me to say there weed is so much better then NYC shit. So i was wondering which part of the country can u get the best weed?
  6. Do U ThiNk

    Hey do u think marijuna will ever be legal here in the US? I sure hope so:cool:
  7. hell no, weed is natural God put it on this earth for a reason to smoke it everyday all-day
  8. So how often do u get high?

    sorry "How often do u get to smoke weed?"
  9. Just curious how often do u get smoke weed?
  10. Hey i just wanted to put my 2 cents in, Clubbing sucks in NYC nowadays someone with power (lots of money) needs to do something build a bad ass club get better DJ's to come around something. I know sept 11 had some effect but this is getting real bad. thanx
  11. drum help please

    i'm just getting started producing my own original tracks and i need help getting good sounding drums should i sample drums or use a drum machine? what should i do if for the most part i produce trance? thank you all info will be greatly appriciated
  12. Please help me i'm going though PVD withdrawal, i need to hear him spin some where in NYC, if there are any promoters out there that can make this happen than please DO IT thank you very very much