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  1. anyone been to to exit for the reggaeton saturday sessions, anyone can give me some good feedback
  2. why is it a problem if a girl and guy wanna dance at a club.. for money.. i dont see the problem.. with that, if you love to dance then do what you love to do
  3. Ferry @ Avalon .. REVIEWED

    couldnt have agreed with you better.. ny'ers dont have respect for noone and its true.. just go to the fuckin damn party and enjoy! go there for the music not worrying about what ethnicity is going to be there..
  4. Ferry @ Avalon .. REVIEWED

    ferry owns joo!
  5. i had my times with ferry.. already saw him enough
  6. What drugs won't you do ?

    drugs are bad!
  7. /me points at when this post was posted 2001
  8. New York New York video...

    ja rule pffT
  9. Mobb Deep Flood ;)

    got them all..
  10. everyone welcome back sexxyme

    welcome sexxyme
  11. Word Association

  12. how fucked up is this~!?

    only 35 dollars poor women.. but.. it was 1971