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  1. SCREWED over on New Year's

    dave- you sound like you are trying to do your job right....do me a favor and investigate the bastards from the angel O party......it really makes cp seem like an unreliable source and I know many people that are having doubts about trusting you guys again....you had to be at that party to understand how bad it was....i don't think even my description of it paints a clear picture.......!!
  2. i went to the angel orensenz foundation party which was teh worse experience of my life......not only did they charge $150 for tickets, the venue was nothing like what was advertised....by the time we left, our clothes and shoes were all muddy from the filthy floor....the open bar ran out of alcohol and the drinks were in plastic glasses filled to the top with ice and barely any alcohol.....it was freezing cold the entire night, the bathroom had lines a mile long and people were peeing on the ground and in buckets.... ...the sound system sucked, you coudl barely hear the hip hop that was playing on the main floor and music in the basement sounded distorted.......the entire buiding was was freezing cold the entire night there was a pathetic light show in the basement....the party favors were only enough for 100 people at most....when it was finally 12:00. the gay band was singing "sweet home alabama" to bring in the new year.....no one soudned horns or screamed or cheered...there were no balloons or confetti-it was so ridiculous, it basically killed your buzz.....i didn't see any food that had been advertised-sushi rolls, cheese, crudite, etc......the fucking party sucked and if anyone is interested in finding Bill and getting their money back, please reply...i have his number and know where he lives....it hink we all deserve to get something back.....this party was basically a scam....i think everyone there had been fooled---people had come really dressed up expecting a clean and classy scene but it was the complete opposite.....the party had even ended early..........at 3 am we were told to clear out of the basement and a few minutes later when we got upstairs to get our coats, the entire top floor was empty with the lights on basically showing that the top floor had cleared out even before 3....the damn thing was suppose to last until 4......the only thing that wasn't so bad was the dj who was spinning in the basement..he played good music but the crowd couldn't even get into it because we were dancing in a bloody shit hole.....this was so awful and i am very pissed off.....any others who want to take action please reply, we can atleast try to get over it by letting the promoters know what fuck ups they are.