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    names george i'm bout 6ft 200 brown hair and eyes alot of pics so if u wanna see just aim or im me or yahoo me and check out my cam :)
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    garfield, bergen, nj
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    sports, clubs, meeting new people
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  1. it won't and stay stay geek board girl
  2. lol i can't even beleave i am chaten with u geeks lol i gotta get a life and leave yall to your board life so u know wut yall faggets won say wut u want cause i'm done with this lol get and for all u people who didn't give a fuk bout pics or post's i give yall props and for all u geeks and nerd's who are more then they should fuk yall cause i'll put money down i can fuk yalll up and i put money down while 'm fuken yall up your girls frein's are gonan be checken out my cou's and fuken him that nite so get a life people it's a beautiful thing LiFe woooooohoooooo
  3. lol true board girl go and do your baord work drama board lol u a fuken stupid b1tch get a life u drama fagget board queen
  4. i can say your a fruity fagget i mean u are a male and u got a pic of some big forhead b1tch in your sig yeah i am sure your a winner fuken lil b1tch lol
  5. but u know wut i'm not like u stupid b1tch so u know wut go fuk them ugly guys and when u get old and relaze your white trash think back upon how u become it u stupid kunt ps =u have a nice day and mauh mauh cause if u ever met eieher 1 of us, i'll put money down i could get u to blow me befor the nite's over, lol i'm confedent Like this and i know he is more confedent and i know u on the board alot and u talken to herbs so on the real i know u probley ugly so i am sure i can get u to go down on me u chubby ugly hater
  6. your also a dumb b1tch and i bet if iseen u ther is a good chance i would think your ugly and stay away from u or pick on u and make my sef laugh but still would think your disgusten trash
  7. I Speak English All U Nerds

    lol your a hater its all good tho stay safe and be good kid
  8. Lmao.......

    intresting pic
  9. lol damn u gotta be a fat or ugly girl cause u haten alot i think u should just hate on the way u look and go meet some none board guys u board wh0re lol
  10. strip clubs

    sh1t i'm game to go to a club and get naked but i still think strip clubs are degraden and perverted i mean damn y go look at things u ain't bringen home i'm not sure bout yall but i don't get off on that or even find that entertaining
  11. I Speak English All U Nerds

    hhhhmmmm okay
  12. yea thats my lil wanna be juice head cousin lol gotta get him a fake id and get him into clubs
  13. any 1 else think's sick tracks is a fagget ass board

    lol sexxyh i met mad females at exit from that baord and they all spoted me for my pics in sig all i do is walk and i got girls sayen wait a min or huggen me out of the blue from my sig pics i mean so on real i see noting wrong with them from all the hate i recieve it would be funny for any 1 to walk a day in my shoes and get spoted and sh1t out of the blue cause i bet if they seen some ofthe girls who wod walk up and be like ww i see u post u are funny as sh1t an do't orry bout them haters ther all nerds any ways i bet kids would run home put a pic in ther sig and say fuk u to every 1 and hi to females
  14. any 1 else think's sick tracks is a fagget ass board

    lol i posted some sh1t like hi to females i did the same sh1t over here and it was no biggy i mean damn i'm not sure bout them but i'm not a fruit lol i like girls an damn its my goay an duty being a male to meet and know as many as i can befor death now if others wanna make boy friends so be it but to me it's bout girl friends