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  1. Jazzy Jeff @ Nocturnal!

    this looks like fun.
  2. Sunset Session @ the Shore Club, Friday, July 1st, 7-11pm

    Okay. I can see there is some friction there. Have to admit I haven't been to the Chesterfield parties. But I do agree that originality is key, and duping another night's name is lame.

    Well, if there's no dress code, DEFINITELY sneakers.
  4. M. Migs , S. Lawler, or Both??

  5. What is everyone doing Friday?

    It's definitely a swing to the Marlin to check on Jask for a bit- then off to shake it in the back room at Crobar...

    Crobar with good music in the back room? Good things DO come to those that wait... .
  7. The return of Aquabooty!!!

    Count me in.
  8. Wmc-chicago House-teaser!!

    Mazi_ most definitely.
  9. Conan O'Brien

    go figure_ promotion.
  10. Conan O'Brien

    yeah phrankadelic, it was sweet_ although Richest Man In Babylon is not my favorite track on the album
  11. Conan O'Brien

    Just dropping a line to see who caught Conan last night_ Thievery Corporation and the crew were on.... any thoughts?
  12. Help in Orlando!

    FIRST OFF..You're dreaming if you think Mickey would let O-town stay out till 6am. The cutofff is 2am unless the place serves food. You can't even venture outside with your drink, unless you enjoy the clink. I used to live downtown so I can tell you the places that go off [although I am SLIGHTLY partial because I used to spin at most of these venues]- as far as 18+ you might be SOL. The Social- Used to be The Sapphire Supper Club. highly recommended on Tuesday night for Phat n Jazzy with DJ BMF- a mix of old skool hip hop and acid jazz. SKY60- If you want to see and be seen, this place is ideal. It's on the rooftop above BarBQ Bar- the entrance is between there and The Social. Some of Orlando's best DJs spin there- including Guillermo, MOT, and Q-Burns. On Tuesdays they usually link up with Phat n Jazzy. knockknock- Anyone who really likes music knows that knockknock is the best place to go to hear good tunes and get smashed. no hassle, no attitude, no cover. But the doorguy can be a dick if you're the type to wear baggy JNCOs. deep house, downtempo, funk. AKA Lounge- On Pine Street. small door next to the Pine Street Dive, er, I mean bar. It's nice and hidden and caters to some of the better underground parties- usually thrown by the hoochies [hoochieproductions.com]. AKA is nothing like downstairs, it's very cool.. experimental hip hop, acid jazz, deep house, alternative. If you like redundancy and foot-dragging sluts, go to Antigua. If you like 80s and retro- hit up Barbarellas or Have a Nice Day Cafe [also sluts, but the Tri Delt type]. The Delts also like to hang out at Tabu, but only go there if you worship DJ Sandy and his fukt up hair. Level VIP is always chill, but if you don't know anyone you're likely to catch attitude- also major attitude at Zinc. Blue Room is a great place to go for breaks and to dance off your booze before driving home. Hope I helped.
  13. Vanilla Bar?

    Have to agree about the sound system. They need to rework it before conference. And if you're into tech house, then Miss Molotov will work your eardrums. [she's a trip, too.] Larry- who runs the night- is a good guy. It's a chill atmosphere, however it's too small to really spend your ENTIRE evening there.
  14. Aquabooty is back baby!

    tbooty_ do you guys have a flyer yet [if so, i'll flood it a little to all my deep haus heads]? Oh, and laliux- I wasn't downing DHM + Harvey, they kick arse. I just wanted to know so that I can plan... especially if the main floor [which i heard, is dancer's paradise] is kicking.
  15. notorious saturdays