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  1. Anyone have sex in Roxy yet or plan on it

    hey you loser its just me jett. dont kid yourself your ot having sex with anyone ha aha jk well write back and let me kno how derb was and shit lata oh and if that balcony was put to good us
  2. Anyone have sex in Roxy yet or plan on it

    hey you loser its just me jett
  3. roxy id help !!!!!!

    theres a song jv plays it is a woman sayin and the beat (or bass) goes like this . then the beat kicks in it is a phat song and i would just like to get the name.
  4. i was just reading peoples top ten and the songs arent all new. i would just like to see the brand new top ten if any one out there can put a list together. THanks
  5. Rutgers DJs, house heads shout out!!

    to the girls from RU that are into club music. whre are you i havent found that many yet and most of them are into hip hop. Half of them never even heard of sound factory and shit. it makes me mad that there are so few girls into clubmusic. if there would be more of yous then the seen at RU would prob be better oh yeah by the way johnny vicious is the man. and i kno john michaels when he spun at limelight for a little while hes a cool guy can't wait to see him spin again only 2 more months.
  6. Rutgers DJs, house heads shout out!!

    well right now i m just waiting to turn 21 which is in 2 mo. but i keep hearing from my club friends how overrated the bars are in NB. but i def plan to check out platnium. well i ve been to roxy the last 3 weeks in a row and no one can rip it up like johnny vicious. but it gets to expensive its like a 100 everytime i want to go. train, gettin in, other things. i hope that NB will be enough to satisfy my club needs at least enough so i dont have to go to the city every weekend. well i guess ill have to wait and see but ill be sure to check you guys out and see what you spin. i could just imagine tho if you say mainstream its probably not what im looking for. but i hard petes spin some good stuff so maybe that will be the answer.Who knos ? needle destruction insider mix phat song luna park space melody What mix does johhny V play ?
  7. Rutgers DJs, house heads shout out!!

    Lets just face it no matter how good the music, you still need the crowd. and the crowd at rutgers is whack. all the people (except for us clubbrs) are soo corny. i think all of us clubbrs should get together and have our own party and not have these cornballs roll in. it would be a hell of a lot cheaper then going to the city every weekend. which i currently do to get away from the losers at rutgers. give me feedback
  8. Roxy Id!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need Help

    hey did u ever get an answer yet on that song. that was a killer song and id like to get it too thanks. what did you think of his b day party ?