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  1. how was vinyl last night?

    sander was droppin bombs the whole nite. i wasnt really feelin porter, but when sander came on at around 2:30, i knew it was on. at around 5 he played a buncha remixed reggae tracks, which seems to be the new hot thing as i heard it on ktu late nite. me being a newbie o this whole messageboard, i bumped into a buncha headz who i know and didnt even reazlize they were on clubplanet. party was ill overall; the vibe was ill as i met mad cool pplz the whole nite. sander dropped: peter bailey - u need it he spun at least a couple of tracks of the deep dish moscow cd. i left at 5:20 somebody let me know if he dropped the "dirty dirty, immoral" track, as i was waiting for it but didnt hear it.