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  1. Axiom

    heh..... I'm a member. It's pretty much normal people.
  2. :rolleyes: What are you smoking before you hear him rip it up?
  3. Ojeda ripped it up last time I was in Mirage.
  4. Splash Fridays May 9th

    Anyone know if they have the vip cards yet? Also, can you use that voucher card anytime to redeem the vip card?
  5. Splash or Sandbar tonite???!!!!

    Anyone know if they have the vip cards yet? Also, can you use that voucher card anytime to redeem the vip card?
  6. Tempts Shoulda Blew Up Instead Of Klees

    Bamboo was the only club jammed last night but all the other clubs were empty for some reason...
  7. want a sandbar 2003 vip card

    Matt M +3 Is it too late?
  8. How was Cherri this past saturday.

    Cherri has some hot I mean hot chicks compared to some other clubs. Is it like this every saturday? Clubitup girls were the ones dancin in the cage?
  9. attn: prime steve and steve

    Finally an honest opinion from someone who works for the club.
  10. attn: prime steve and steve

    Magilicuti not worth the 40min drive might as well stay local...
  11. attn: prime steve and steve

    1 You promote the club so your opinion is never going to be bad don't hate... http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?threadid=148812 2 When we got in it wasn't that packed.. the main room got packed later and the other room was pretty empty. 800 people?? maybe because when we were waiting in line so many people were leaving the club... so you're probably right. 3 ratio was 3:1 guys to girls you must of seen... unless it got better after 2am... which I doubt... To tell you the truth thier was more hotter chicks in pizza city than in platinum.
  12. attn: prime steve and steve

    Got to platinum few minutes before 12 the line had like 30 people in it. The bouncers are slow as balls to check IDs and walking around like thier gods.. I think they check one ID ever 5 minutes. Got inside like 12:30 to a sausage party and wasnt even that packed.. ratio 80:50 guys to girls and only few hot chicks with their boyfriends.. this place didn't live up to its expectations..
  13. 2003 Gumball 3000

    That guy said he had it only for about a week. Their was no paint left on that bumper. The only people being pulled over all the time were those guys in that a4 or s4 wagon.
  14. 2003 Gumball 3000

    Just watched the 2002 video few days ago. It's funny to see them get pulled over so many times. It's all high rollers from overseas riding so I guess these tickets mean shit.