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  1. A good old fashioned "whats your Genre" poll

    I'm with mugz yo. I'm torn between D&B and breaks. I'll go wit breaks though (NEW SCHOOL and shit not that Florida cheese shit yo) Peace, btz.-
  2. Yo B! Lay off dat shit yo.That shit will warp your brain and you may not come back for real!I had a cousin and shit that ate that Peyote crap in Tijuana and wound up dressing like a bitch for like a year and shit. Got all transexual and shit. (party sounds dope yo) That's one lucky dog you got there with you too. Mother fucking world travelling pooch. Be good aight!? peace, btz (Happy New years)
  3. Yo, bitch even found a place that throws an electro-techno night: www.sonarplanet.com
  4. Word? I was just missing that bot kid. But check it; I just got off line with this cat that is still in touch with Mugz. He told him that His new job kicks ass and he's making those---> €. He's been fighting the jet lag and can barely stay awake but he's loving his new life. In fact the kid already found his nitch in the Roman nightlife. Motherfuckerwas chillin with Steve Bug last night at a centro Sociale called "Brancaleone" http://www.brancaleone.it/ with some old highschool friends and shit. (He must have remembered him from those tronic boat parties) Rome sounds like a great place with an equaly banging nightlife as NY. (Kid told him he was gonna go check out Layo and Bushwaka next Thursday and shit) And he's chillin at a place called "Blue Cheese" (Where all the breaks and electro heads hang out at) http://www.bluecheese.it Yo, and the new "Lady friend" that works for Virgin Airlines sounds like a realy cool chick as well. Hooked him up with a flight to Belgium to go to I LOVE TECHNO this year. They took his puppy Rocco to a beach the other day. Mugz said he ran like a lunatic off his leash and shit. I guess He'd never seen the ocean before. Hell, kid even got himself a car and an apt near campo de fiore. Lucky ass bastard. For all the shit that went down in his life this sure is gonna make up for it. Skies look blue for Mugzy! (And I'm told he's writing a book about his days in clubland called "mugwump diaries", kinda like "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" meets "Party Monster" meets "Trainspotting" told Charles Bukowski style) That might be a fun indie movie with animated trippy scenes and a killer soundtrack. good shit man! Not sure if Mugz will post again though. But fuckit yo, at least it's good to know life goes on, AND IT DOES GET BETTER! Peace, bEaTz
  5. yo I got the 411 on this shit aiiight!? Check it: Atomic Hooligan [botchit&Scarper - UK] Sam & Dave ["Class of '83" / En:Vision - Uk] Orion [Reptile Recs / Stuck on Earth - NYC] Miss Bliss [big Apple Breaks - NYC] Royce & Ceos [Kingsize USA] Sneak-E Pete [blunted Circutz - Brooklyn] CEOS 21+ 7pm-late: FREE Botchit Breaks 5 CD release party
  6. Yooo! Dyaaam son! Atomic Hooligan is da shit yo! This sounds like it's gonna be a Big apple Breaks reunion farewell for the mugwump and shit! count me in yo! Gonna go out with those Funky ass Blissfull new school breaks just like Mugz likes em and shit. I'm down.
  7. Kids wack! Glad he's in jail yo!
  8. yea I know. All the nubies must be like who the fuck is this mugwump cat with a dog and cricket and shit. So here's a recap. Mugz is SBJ. and the Cricket is Crobra who is also friends with mugz and shit and started the cricket shit which is sometimes used by Mugz to bump up his threads and talk to himself.. Got it? Good. aaaiiiiiiight!
  9. Fab Five Freddy told me everybody's fly DJ spinning I said "My My" Flash is fast flash is cool Francois c'est pas flashe non due And you don't stop sure shot Go out to the parking lot And you get in your car and drive real far And you drive all night and then you see a light And it comes right down and it lands on the ground And out comes the man from Mars
  10. EMINEM SHOULD WATCH THIS SHIT YO: The Soundlab crew gets ambitious with Represent, a two-day celebration of music and film (also Sat 9.21). Sat it kicks off with a 20th-anniversary celebration of the classic hip hop documentary Wild Style at 8pm. The director, Charlie Ahearn, will be on hand to introduce his chronicle of early '80s NYC hip hop culture. A pre-screening concert at 6pm features legends Grandmaster Caz, Busy Bee, and the Rock Steady Crew dancers. Hosted by Fab Five Freddy, the event is at the renovated outdoor East River Park Amphitheater, the site of the closing festival in Wild Style. keep it real~ peace* BTZ* http://www.wildstylethemovie.com Wild Style Fri 9.20 (6pm-10pm) East River Amphitheater (E River btwn Grand and Canal) FREE
  11. Nobody listens to techno (and NY is full of posers)