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  1. djbg decides to leave platinnum

    actually u had the post up advertising a "new thursday night" not a special guest appearance. don't try to cover up ur image by distorting what u wrote on here. maybe if u clued bg in b4hand he'd be more than happy to open for riz??. it's a matter of respect & proper business etiquette, both of which u lack. bottom line, whether he was just a one time event, wouldn't it have been in ur best interest to advise & clue in the parties involved such as ur current dj's prior to advertising the event to avoid this confusion??? don't think ppl r stupid & r going to believe it was a "one time event" when u advertised "a new thursday nite"...get over urself. on a side note, the platinum "crowd" if u would call it that primarily consists of sicktrax ppl. most ppl on this site(clubplanet) from what i've read have bashed it. as far as him hating to spin hip-hop, u hired him for that position & i far as i could see when i was there, he ripped it up. it's shady ppl like u who r only out for the "name" that make me wanna puke..the club is beautiful, but if u keep treating ur employees the way u do..it'll def. be done like everyone said esp. in the summer when ppl actually WANT to hear club music & ur gonna have a hip-hop theme w/ an empty club w/ overpriced drinks while everyone else parties down the shore...GOOD LUCK & i'm saying this as someone who has been there practically every single fri & most thurs to support my friends tooch & bg. & they r who bring in the fun crowd, not ur "promotions" b/c the club is always empty besides our friends which r the ppl in the circles makin it fun every week while the random 40 yr olds on dates prance around. i actually was considering getting a job at platinum b/c i go to rutgers but after reading this b/s it makes me SICK..u'll only see me there on fri's to support tooch for as long as he is there. u suck in my book buddy...BIG TIME & NOONE BELIEVES UR BULLSHIT COVERUP...if u really had no intentions of replacing him u wouldn't try sooo hard to "clear it up" :rolleyes:
  2. i'm new to the board

    hey guys & girlies...i'm new to the board. just wanted to introduce myself & say hi. a couple of my friends post here so i decided to join & meet some new ppl...hi