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  1. What clubs r good out here?

    Yes I am...I live in Newport Beach one of the best places in USA "supposedly"..but this weather gets boring too...and oh yeah the beach is only good during the summer time and then even it's not that great...if u want some sun and great water and beach go to Italy or Carribeans...but the last place is LA!
  2. What clubs r good out here?

    The best clubs out here are Giant, Insomnia, Club Blue...(NYC style) but they're all 21+++ and that blows! I dont know why you moved from NY to LA. I'm in LA area and I'm moving to NYC as soon as possible...!
  3. ignore...

    ...oops I did it again..!
  4. anybody here lives in manhattan?

    Hey, anybody know where I can find some apartments and room mates in manhattan? (like a website or somethin..?)
  5. Nyc!!!!

    yeah I was there for Spring Break, nice place. Oh yah! it was early april and it was aobut 90 degrees and up so was the water and we could barely stay outside....no thanks!
  6. Nyc!!!!

    ok, whoever wrote that message about LA better than NYC...no way. LA is all right but the NYC just awesome! (Even though I'm going to the beach to tan today...but even the beach isn't that great!) All the ideas about Jeresey sound great but I dont know anyone there and Im planning on going to college in the city, so the drive and all that pain in the ass...and in NYC i know ppl, my best friend and ppl for clubs...etc
  7. What does everyone think?

    What's the best and HARDEST club in NYC to get into?
  8. Nyc!!!!

    u telling me to give up and not move to NYC...that it is impossible....I've always had limited space I can live in a bath room...!
  9. Nyc!!!!

    No, I'm not the typical "Raver"...and I live about an hour away from L.A. so I don't go there ALL the time! But NYC is awesome...CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE...
  10. Nyc!!!!

    I don't really care....as long as I'm in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Nyc!!!!

    1,500 in the city...not bad at all!
  12. Nyc!!!!

    I was just there for winter break, what an awesome city! I'm from L.A. area in CA....I'm moving out to NYC as soon as possible....Anyone know what the prices range for apartments with room mates and of course in a decent area???
  13. Oceans 11

    Saw it a long time ago...I thought it was pretty good but Brad Pitt was awesome...made it better, I have a thing for him...nice clothes!
  14. *MTV's CriBs : Mariah's Closet-A Must SEE!

    I saw that...that's not a closet! that's a whole big STORE! very nice.. Dont like her though...
  15. Clubs here

    Got back from NYC...what a place to go clubbing! So what are the good ones in LA? Real hard to get into?...Haven't really been clubbing in LA...