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    Im a Freshman at Fdu in Hackensack shit is wack , I have BLueyez, about 5"7 well built do my best to be in shape
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    Garfield, Nj
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    Play ball , Clubbin on Weekends, Lift
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  1. I think ur jus a fat bitch that needs sum dick in ur life
  2. those are not tits those are pecs u must be lookin at urself in the mirror and made a mistake ...i understand
  3. i got no gut now...last month picz ....but if the fat females like wat they see ..im me at [email protected]
  4. This is so funny u jus a bitch wit a big mouth . u bring momz into these thats even more funny im a lil dickman thats y u sucked my dick last night u bitch Shut the fuck up ..like i said u must be fat and ugly to be sayin that shit and hatin me..lol thats funny
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  6. All U fat and Ugly bitches just want a big dick in their mouth to suck ...cuz they cant get the body they want
  7. All U fat and Ugly bitches just want a big dick in their mouth to suck ...cuz they cant get the body they want . Just dont insult us cuz we look good and u dont. We workout to look good unlike u fat people think werkin out is eatin donuts and coffee all day . All I respect are the Chinks that do Shalin in the club wit GLowsticks ...i rather see them then watch Fat Ugly people dance jiggle their blubber ..Hope All u Faggots respond ..lil bitches and herbz
  8. To all The cute females ..this is nothing pertaining to u only to the fat ugly people that think they are big
  9. Wassup Females ..Say Hi

    Hey Females ...These my pics for now ...Seem TO big .. Ill fix it later ..Tell me wat u think
  10. Sup Ppls and mostly females