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    fun loving, sexy shaved bisexual stripper, loves to meet intelligent, sexy and fun people to hang out with
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    miami beach
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    check out http://www.pureparty.net and you will get the idea lol
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    Party Promoter
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    Swinger Baby Yeah!
  1. Pure Party - Miami, Sat. 31st 2004

    also check out my group - http://profile.myspace.com/users/2054855 scroll down to see the sexy members...
  2. Pure Party - Miami, Sat. 31st 2004

    the pictures where from the last event, as you can see the girls are hot and sexy, we have a good looking crowd - www.pureparty.net see for yourself
  3. Pure Party - Miami, Sat. 31st 2004

    that way you can see me
  4. Pure Party - Miami, Sat. 31st 2004

    is a party for bisexual females, i am sure there will be swinger couples there also - whoo hoo
  5. Mandy

    kiss my ass
  6. Pure Party - Miami, Sat. 31st 2004

    Be part of the most exciting, outrageous and sexy celebration of the lifestyle to date taking place on Saturday, July 31st 2004 at 10:00pm to Sunday, August 1st 2004 till 10:00am, 12 Hours of Pure Pleasure! www.pureparty.net - check it out Join like minded couples and females from all over the world, Pure Party Style. The event takes place at one of Miami’s hidden treasures; this is a private off premise party not open to the public. Catered to 3,000 lifestyle partiers with 3 clubs at one locale, this venue guarantees there will be something for everybody , including entertainment second to none! For your dancing pleasure, in the main room will be the hottest dance and top 40 music from around the globe, the patio room steers to a Latin beat and the rooftop cabana club will feature jungle and hip hop till you drop. Beginning in the reception area with complimentary cocktails from 10:00 – 11:00pm thereafter a cash bar hosted by famous adult movie stars from Hollywood, after which the clubs open for an insanely sexy night of partying, ending with the Cabana After-Party till 10:00am Sunday morning. This will be the biggest lifestyle party ever conceived, don’t delay order your place at this event today! Adequate valet parking is available or if you prefer to come by boat there’s even 500 feet of dock space. www.pureparty.net - check it out
  7. come say hi to me at vip in cro bar and its lickikti-s lol
  8. nice choice of words in the last post, it doesn't even warrant a reply read the post properly it says the uk is significant to house before using profanity to push across your point and at 22 years old you are hardly the expert on house music now are you, you weren't even born when i was going to my first raves secondly the party is going to be featured on the playboy channel in a show called sexcettera, so you can always view what you are going to miss there its a shame that so many people are so cynical of new and progressive things oh and by the way before you refer to me as a guy check my profile, theres a picture also, as you can see I am all girl you know the bisexual threesome kind that guys like you only dream of, you asked for that lol
  9. reply

    Sure is couldn't agree more
  10. reply

    they are now using a guy from ibiza and i am from essex but no sharon jokes lol
  11. fyi: yes i will be at cro bar on sat, upstairs in vip with my girlfriends mandy
  12. dont you have to be over 21 to get into clubs these days? just checking lol
  13. phrankadelic thank you for your kind pm, and no i am not offended in any way, i find your comments and all others humorous and witty as i hope you do mine and lets face it this message string is getting really interesting now and in all honesty I am enjoying all the posts, life shouldn't be taken so seriously anyway lol its all good mandy
  14. Emotion

    each to his own true: take a chill pill after all its all about the music right?
  15. thank you Walter and thank you to all that have posted a response, good or bad I am indifferent as those that know me have a very good image, ask anyone at cro bar lol