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  1. Where the hell is cook. . .

    So cancun reun. at the Roxy this Fri . who went to cancun from the 23 - 31 anyone on here and stayed at one of the oasis's if you did hit me up at [email protected] i wanna see how everyone liked it ...lata Gregg
  2. Attn: Roxy Stage Crew & Other Roxy Heads

    Hey Dee You have such a [email protected] fan club lol it's Gregg see u this fri mwha bye>>
  3. Clubs in L.I.

    that place is alright it depends on how old you are though if ur under 21 there pretty strict with id's but yeas bogarts everyone is dancing and the girls get madd drunk so its easy to meet a pretty good looking girls
  4. Clubs in L.I.

    if you are lQQking for a good place to go to go to bogarts its a bar/club 21 to get into but u can use ur grandmothers id and it will work lool well hit me back if ur looking for sum hot spots Pcz Gregg:eek: :hat2:
  5. **ATTN: New member Li2thecity**

    What did iget myslf into here