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  1. bay ridge?

    check out Blue Claw, its club after like 10 on saturdays. A lot of hot girlz there too, nice muzik...
  2. Drunk Girls at Clubs

    correct me if im wrong but isnt sound factory the leading club in drunk fucked up girls? if not what club is? I presonally didnt notice much of this in ne club, but maybe because i havent been payin much attention to it
  3. VIP cards

    ur right. he can get in free to roxy. how can i get one of these? can i just buy it off some1? thAnx
  4. VIP cards

    guys how can i get a VIP card. I know this kid who just got one from a friend, and he says he only has to pay $10 to get in or something. I havent been posting for a while cuz i had a lot of shit to do and i was mad sick. Hopefully ill start to keep up again. thanks for da help.
  5. I Dont Do Drugs

    thats true, but to be honest with u guyz, i have never ever done any kind of drugz in my life, except like medicine and sh*t. I havent even tried smoking weed an cigarettes. And i have so much fun when i go to clubs and everywhere. I never even drank alcohol too. hehe im a good boyy
  6. link for roxy vip card

    r u serious? If i print this out and show it at the register, im gonna get in for $10?
  7. sex muzik

    this is a question for the ladies, but i guess guys can answer too. What is ur favorite muzik to listen too will messing, and/or having sex. I know some of my favs are engima- return to innocense, and sadness. Post urs.
  8. i used to live in flushing too. Near norhtern and mainstreet. now im in L.I.
  9. bay ridge?

    embers is mad good. I used to work Valet there.
  10. Sicktracks???????

    wats the website?
  11. Clubs in L.I.

    yeah thats true long island sux, but city clubs arent as good nowadays either. plus it gets annoying having to drive down there everytime. U can get into Bogarts if ur 18 right? Do the girlies at least dance there or they just sit their drunk by the bar?
  12. A Third Question For The Ladies

    i luvv 34 C, not to big not to small, just right. hehe
  13. im def. going, finally meet some of u CPers... Hope its gonna be good tomorrow cuz ive been waiting all week for dis.
  14. Polls:how much u spend of Tolls?

    a least the gas prices are pretty cheap now. In the summer i used to fill up like 2-3 times a week, and it cost me like $35 to fill up
  15. Clubs in L.I.

    Im in plainview. How old do u have to be to enter at Cyberia? Also is Bogarts a club, or a bar? Thanks for the info guys. But watever i really dont like it here in L.I. Madddd boring especially if you didnt go to skool here and dont know any1..