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  1. dead message board?

    Rip cp
  2. Antidepressants and Marijuana

    I have heard that mixing the two can give you an unwanted side effect: more depression. I'm on Effexor XR and I've heard that smoking while on it can cause deep drops in mood, making you suicidal. I have a friend who is on the same antidepressant as I am and has smoked plenty of weed without ever complaining about it making him more depressed.
  3. Attn: Crackorn

    Are you alive and well good sir?
  4. Percocet vs Vicodin

    For a long time I prefered the Vicodin feeling over the Percocet feeling. Eventually however, my tolerance got pretty high, and I would have to take 40mg or so to get the feeling. It was at this point I realized it was time to switch to Oxycontin, which is the same as Percocet just in a much higher doseage and without any tylenol. So since then I've given up on Vicodin and stuck with the Percocet (as Oxycontin).
  5. Reaching Epic Junkie Proportions

    Who said he's living?
  6. Percocet vs Vicodin

    Percocet is considered stronger than Vicodin, but both will do the trick and I personally have always enjoyed the feeling from Vicodin a little more. Both medications are available in 5mg, 7.5mg, and 10mg pills. Each pill is mixed with about 500mg of Tylenol, which isn't your liver's bestfriend, so if you can get the 10mg pills, go for it. Depending on your weight, I would start out with about 20mg. If 45 minutes to an hour passes and you're not really feeling it, go for another 10mg or 20mg. If another 30 minutes passes with still no results, sorry, this just isn't the drug for you. It is possible to feel nothing on your first try, so you may want to try again in a couple days. As far as price is concerned, you should be paying a MAXIMUM of $5 for a 10mg pill or $2.50 for a 5mg pill. Generally 50 cents a milligram is considered acceptable. Some people do charge between $8 and $10 for 10mg pills, but thats really overkill. It'd be easier to just go to your doctor and complain of backpain.
  7. I don't know you people!

    I didn't think you were still here.... Seems most are gone
  8. I don't know you people!

    except you, you can know.
  9. Fuck the Hustle

    Oh I completely agree about yayo... I've just never gotten a good connection. The only reason I started up with the oxy is cause a good connect just fell out of the sky and there was a demand.
  10. I don't know you people!

    knowledge is everything
  11. Xanax Prices

    Also - if anybody knows - Klonapin? Is this stuff popular? Are a lot of people doing it like Xanax or is it too different?
  12. I don't know you people!

    Yeah she's amazing. Hey I don't see anyone else here who joined in 2002.
  13. Sophie Marceau Tittie Slip

    Oh damn I like that, thats a nice one
  14. Fuck the Hustle

    Me? I pick up 120 for $20 generally.
  15. Xanax Prices

    Hey, I'm sure this question has come up once or twice before, but unfortunately the archive has been destroyed for absolutely no reason... ANYWAY. Xanax. The big ones, the 2mg sticks. Generally, how much do they go for if someone is buying in bulk? What if someone is only buying one or two? Basically I'm looking for the high and the low. Thank you very much for any info.