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  1. Congratulations...

    i'm glad delgado got booed the way he did. fuck him. it was great too see heilman pitch so wonderfully. and piazza swinging the bat again. that a boy.
  2. Attn: Ladies

    i need to see what the rest of her looks like. cause from the looks of her face, shoulders and arms i'd say she's a big girl. and well big girls usually do have big tits as well.
  3. Clemens Back At Shea

    damn dude. i'mm all the way in the mezzanine near right field. r u driving in?? train?? we're taking the train and i know theres a bar across the grand central which looks like a sports bar. only cause beerprices at shea are a bit much.
  4. ladies, do u think ur.....

    pussy gets permanently loose after pregnancy?? does it ever get restored to it's normal shape or atleast somewhat of it's original shape??
  5. ladies, would u be opposed to...

    stuffing some sort of food in ur man's ass and then eating it out with no hands?? say a donut for instance. stuffing a quarter donut into ur man's ass, then licking it out, and eating the whole thing. i saw this in a porn. must admit, i was turned on.
  6. ladies, would u allow....

    a guy or girl for that matter to go down on u all sweaty and potentially smelly say after a long hard workout at the gym?? or would u insist in allowing u to bathe first?? or r u so grimey and selfish you'd say: sure go right ahead. no pun intended.
  7. Clemens Back At Shea

    i'll be there firday too nomembername. where r u sitting??
  8. Jay Z Biter or Writer Lyrics

    hahahahaha. i don't know why, but i can't stop laughing right now.
  9. i'm in the finals for the sportscaster job...

    well looks like star finally shut my mic off. for what it's worth i learned a lot and it was a great experience. some of the other finalists really had tons of credentials. aneesh who came in 3rd place on espn's dream job will prob end up taking it. there were also some other dudes who have their own shows on sirius sattelite, some have worked on ktu, one had his own show in CT, a couple for their college radio stations. but i held my own, and went down swinging. perhaps next time.
  10. nba- under 25

    who r some of the guys in the league under 25 who u think will be the ones carrying the league into the next era?? for me the 3 guys that stand out the most are lebron james, duane wade and amare staudamire. these 3 guys r phenomenal, and i enjoy watching them. so as guys like kobe (who turns 27 this years) iverson (29) duncan (29) garnet (29) shaq (32) begin to hit their twilight years, those 3 aforementined individuals will fit in just nicely.
  11. nique wilkins not a first ballot HOF'er

    u can't fault him for having played for the clips. from what i remember he didn't even play a full season with them. the clips just ended up missing the playoffs, and were going through major changes (they're actually still going thorugh changes) and no longer had danny manning (when he still had good knees) and charles smith(when he could still make a layup) instead it was nique, ron harper and "winnie" the pooh richardson. lamond murray might've been on that team too, just out of cal. loy vaught maybe. bo outlaw?? anyway; he went on to play for even worse teams like the magic and celtics so the clips was just a passing thing. nique deserves in!! jim boheim - great respect for the guy. he certainly has longevity, as does jim calhoun so they r both deserving. but i'm still really upset at nique not being in. he's still the only guy i've ever seen miss a 3 pointer, run in, and tip in his own miss with a dunk.
  12. nique wilkins not a first ballot HOF'er

    fine- he wasn't a stellar passer or defender, nor did he win any championships, nor did his teams ever even contend; but come on!! if not for some guy named michael jordan he'd have 4-5 scoring titles, a couple of more slam dunk titles. he's a poor man's michael jordan simply because of his lack in drive to win. dominique should def be in.
  13. i'm in the finals for the sportscaster job...

    yea, that's frank. he's a cool guy. we all chilled for 3 hours in a conference room with star, miguel, and helene so we really got to know one another. we were also on channel 11 this morning. it was crazy waking up to myself this morning. lol
  14. i'm in the finals for the sportscaster job...

    i'll know in a couple of days. they're bringing people on air for 2 hours at a time for now. but other than that. things went real well. star is a really cool, funny guy. just kicked it for 3 hours and got to size up the competition. we'll see.........
  15. GM considers killing Pontiac or Buick

    Pontiac = Poor Old Ni$$az Think It's A Cadillac