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  1. What's Your Myspace Name

  2. Weekly F U

    FU to my boss who was the biggest bitch today giving everyone a fuckin attitude... FU to me tearin my meniscus & having to go to physical therapy which isn't helping it.... FU to the surgery i will probably need for me knee... FU to my damn allergies too.... sooo happy it's friday...hope everyone has a great weekend
  3. David Quest and Toro

    i would love to check out this place...if i don't make it, good luck Quest & toro..
  4. David Quest Friday Jan 28th @ Platinum

    it's time to continue my birthday celebrations & i can't wait to hear dave...got a lil drunk @ Deko last nite & had an awesome time...thanx for everything larry...i owe you soo much *mwah*
  5. David Quest Friday Jan 28th @ Platinum

    oh i am always safe when i am out wit them, lol...headin out to Deko in a lil & i gots work tomorrow at 9 am i should def be ok for tomorrow nite...just gotta nap as soon as i come home
  6. David Quest Friday Jan 28th @ Platinum

    i can't wait for tomorrow nite...Happy Birthday to me !!!!!! Dave i can't wait to hear you spin...always love to hear what you have in store....i will see you later tonight...let the celebrations begin, lol...BTW, tomorrow nite i am allowing myself to get drunk, hahahah...good luck hun
  7. tonight will only be my second time there & i am really lookin forward to it...i have heard nothing but good things for this night
  8. Vacation thread

    i went to both Jamaica & Dominican & both places i had an awesome time...the place we stayed at in the DR had the best food & i didn't get sick once down there nor did the other 3 people i was with...if you are interested i can give you info about that...we went for 8 days over summer & my cousin went 2 months ago for a long weekend to the same place we did & loved it as well...
  9. Studio 9 Question.. Honest AnswerPlease..

    i can NOT wait to go tonight because work sucked so much today & i hate people sometimes....this will also be an early b-day celebration for me since i am at the end of the month, lol...can't wait to see you guys tonight
  10. Studio 9 Question.. Honest AnswerPlease..

    hey hun..just spoke to larry...i think yao is goin to pick him up...what time were you guys headin there cuz i wanna get outta the house a lil early & stay til like 12:30 or so cuz i got work tomorrow....
  11. Studio 9 Question.. Honest AnswerPlease..

    oh my bad...i as a lil messy around midnite & then got better by the time we left cuz i stopped drinkin around 2 am or so....were u celebratin your b-day at Rbar???? i would go for alil bit & stuff cuz i got work the next day....i can talk to yao or larry & see what's up as well..yeah well, good for dave for spinin what he wanted cuz you know that's what the poeple wanted to hear
  12. Studio 9 Question.. Honest AnswerPlease..

    aww jack, i love you...i was up in the booth when dave was spinin & larry was doin the lights, lol...you were soo wasted hun...i heard billy spin a lil bit....i think we left like 10 mins before dave...i was just happy to see you got home ok...
  13. Studio 9 Question.. Honest AnswerPlease..

    OMG, i had the best new year's ever there last nite...it was soo good to see everyone...my only complaint would be the sound system, but the place looked gorgeous...we got there around 10 & left at 4:00 i think...Jack it's good to see that you are ok cuz i never said bye to you & you were still tehre when we were leaving....I would def check out sutdio 9 if you haven't yet....
  14. Studio 9 Question.. Honest AnswerPlease..

    tomorrow night will be the first time there for me & i am going with Larry & people to support dave as well...I just hope it isn't as bad as some of you are saying it is becuase it is NYE...but then again, it also is about the people you surround yourself with & when i am out with those guys, we have a great time no matter what....hope everyone has a happy & safe new year
  15. DJ David Quest back in action this week

    i hope i can see you guys on saturday night....I am still soo sickie & stayed home from work today & makin myself go tomorrow...i'm not sure if i can make it out to staten island...Larry gimme a call tomorrow anyways or i will talk to you at some point...Good luck dave...