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  1. Attn: Bad Judgement

    DooooooD. That blows about your car. I hope it's not too busted up. You weren't hurt were you? And happy birthday.
  2. Winter Music Conference (WMC) Dates: March 4-10, 2003

    Ok- this year, I mean it. Seriously. Stop laughing. I'm at least going for a long weekend.
  3. do you really think they'll all be here?

    Did you see that Kyan was in People's Sexiest Men issue?
  4. do you really think they'll all be here?

    I could be down for this. I have to be in town Saturday for a wedding. Might as well make a full weekend out of it.
  5. Mobile Phone Plans

    Today is the day that I get to change my phone plan and keep my number. So let's have it. Who likes their service, hates their service and why? I can't wait to get away from Ntelos. I'm not sure y'all have them up in the DC area, but their customer service has got to be the worst in the business. Thanks.
  6. ***official*** Random thread

    Brazil nuts, baby.
  7. Stupid Spears

    It might be the black hair, but I really think that Christina put some chunk on.
  8. Was it a magical evening?
  9. ***official*** Random thread

    mmmmm.......egg salad
  10. Attn: DC CP

    Hi, Ray!! At one point, I was kicking aoround the idea of going to Iceland. Not so sure about that now. I'm leaning more towards staying local.
  11. Attn: DC CP

    Anybody thinking about New Year's Eve yet?
  12. Paris Hilton Vid

    Dammit!! I share an office with my boss. I'm going to have to wait till he leaves for the day.
  13. So who's not going to PVD tonight?

    I have to work tonight. I'm on deadline.
  14. Tune in Please

    You and Tinyb finally worked out your issues, eh?
  15. start your engines

    I had food poisoning right before I went to the Island for a long weekend. *cough cough*