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  1. mansion cover charge?

    i had spoken to their vip promoter and we simply arent going to be there long enough to make it worth it to get a table and bottles. we just want to go for a few hours and check the place out. since they dont have any major names spinning this sat, hopefully the cover will be on the lower end.
  2. has anyone been there yet on a sat? any idea what the cover is? my friends want to go this sat for their bday. curious to see what they did to the old crobar. we've been starting to get bored with pacha slightly.
  3. Crazy Horse Too

    wasnt able to check out the rhino but i did love sapphire. i miss tina
  4. Paul van Dyk @ Central Park, Sat 8/20

    i'm hoping they have tickets there. 2 of my friends need them. if not, they r gonna have to kill time til 10pm when we get out of central park then its barhopping time.
  5. Erick Morillo Crobar

    i'll be there. just got done ordering will call tickets. cant stand waiting in line.
  6. Gabriel & Dresden in CT

    where's room 960? address? havent hear of it yet.
  7. who parties drugfree?

    if you go clubbin' drugfree, what do u do to get thru the nite? any tips? eat anything special before leaving like a powerbar? pound water and redbull all nite? i dont take anything, never even smoked weed. i drink when i go out but i need to have a full stomach. i run into a problem around 4am when my stomach feels empty and i still have liquor in my system. i do reguarly drink water throughtout the nite to stay hydrated. all my friends just tell me to roll, but thats not an option for me. at the patdown, would clubs care if i had an energy bar with me? would they think i laced it with something and take it from me?
  8. How do you dance?

    i dont practice at home cuz i cant get into the same mindset as being in a club with a crowd i can vibe with and feed off the vibe and the music. i definitely wouldnt say i'm a great dancer (some of my friends think i'm decent) but i see great dancers at clubs and i know i'm not at that level. i learn from watching other people for inspiration then put my twist on it while trying to flow with the music. i think i was good at morillo cuz the crowd was great and he was ripping it up. mask, i think i saw u there. next time i'll stop u and have u critique my moves. side question for the girls. will u give a guy the chance to dance with u if u can tell he's really trying to dance well but may not be the best dancer but he's feeling the music. moves may not be flawless or totally graceful but.......i'm not a guido, not a musclehead, nor a pillhead. i have some drinks and just want to dance my ass off, and doing it with a pretty girl that can move is even better (not trying to dance with u for the purpose of getting u into the bathroom or a corner to get into your pants within 10 minutes of meeting u). ladies, do u give the guy the chance or do u dismiss him
  9. Grammy Nominations for Dance Music

    they'll very likely not air these two categories. they tend to announce the "preshow" award winners sometime during the broadcast. so u might hear who won them. if they do show these categories then thats cool. in the zone is actually a pretty good dance album. its not a pop album. but its not an edm album either. best of luck to britney and kylie and the rest of the nominees.
  10. Morillo Review

    masked dragon is this you?
  11. Morillo Review

    i thought he ripped it up!!!!! got there around 12. left around 8ish. thank god for prepaid tickets. no way in hell we were waiting in that line. got in and the place was already jumping. seven nation army was great. loved the beat. loved the hard sh!t that morillo was spinning. crowd was eating it up. didnt have a problem with the crowd all night. everyone seemed very chill/polite (i.e. not d!ckheads). definitely some guido action going on but they were under control. i think u could tell the crowd just wanted to party and dance their ass off. u guys say the place was very crowded. it was very filled but i thought it was great. didnt have much of a problem walking around or thru the floor. the bar was fine. never had a problem getting a drink. i had no clue ja and diddy were there. i must've been in the hip hop room cuz i didnt see sh!t or hear any commotion. my friends ran into sophie from realworld or roadrules. what time did erick finish? wish i knew some of your faces. i would've said hi. got my pic taken i'm the guy
  12. yeah they did. $5 is nothing. just the principle. i tell my friends we're on the guestlist for 25 and it ends up being more. makes me look stupid but they understood, thats why they're friends. we got there around 1115ish so time wasnt a factor. still danced our asses off and had a great time
  13. i was there. it was a good time. seems the guestlists were 30 and lady got attitude with me when i asked why not 25 as i was told. i heard other people on different guestlists near me with the same complaint. nothing u can do when your there with 25 friends but pay whatever they are asking.
  14. I have dates available for my North East mini tour

    where r u gonna be in hartford?
  15. sunny leone

    she's indian (from india) and a penthouse pet of the year i believe