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  1. De Colombia Con Amor damnnn

    i LOVE sheldon!!!
  2. yep i got there at 11am.. and felt like it took like an hour or so for me to really get into it... but after that it was non-stop. Im usually more for vocals, but he didnt play them til MUCH later. He was also throwing songs like house of god and laugh, songs i grew up to in the 90's. I really had a great time. he closed with Aint nobody.. and his wife and son were in the booth.. he put the headphones on his son, and made him press the buttons to play the last song. LOL my kids will be listening to his son
  3. SILVERBULLS bday review

    happy birthday.. my fellow ecuadorian
  4. maybe ur drugs just were off and u were cranky... maybe u just dont like vc's style.. i got there at 11am... i was the ONLY girl online with about 30 guys.. a lot of ppl came to hear him after junior. So his crowd really didnt get to hear songs that boris played. u should of went later.. i had an amazing time.. and i was sober from 11am - 3pm .. then i just got really drunk cause the bar opened up..
  5. Blagio is coming...

    nice!!! i live two blocks walking distance!!! place looks hot from the outside
  6. DANNY TENAGLIA @ crobar 8/13

    man i havent heard tv in a while
  7. Gus Gus @ Cielo and PS1

    thanks.. i think im a head down there.. i havent been out that much
  8. wed in nyc

    iggy ur going out A LOT more these days... wow.. im proud of u
  9. Gus Gus @ Cielo and PS1

    what time is good to go? and entry? sorry for all the questions.. just never went
  10. Gus Gus @ Cielo and PS1

    thank u.. i heard about this party all last year and never got to go... i live in queens so its right there
  11. Gus Gus @ Cielo and PS1

    where is ps. 1 again?
  12. 04/30/05 - Peter Rauhofer @ Spirit

    i have most of his cds.. they are great.. i never got to hear him live... some ppl have told me he is better on his cds.. his remixes are what i look for when searching for songs.. cause 9 out of 10 times his version will be the one i like... Its mostly a gay crowd, he used to do roxy saturday nights.. my friends all used to go.. For the girls, its the best cause no line for the bathroom. I would definetly go check him out and make my own judgement. The ONLY reason why i cant go is class at 8am the next morning
  13. any reviews on this.. i wanted to go
  14. word remember at morillo at crobar..iwww this kid was foaming shit out of his nose and mouth and just laying there literally dead... it took 4 ppl to carry him out... arm by arm, leg by leg.... thats so fuckin gross.