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  1. Biggest Turn off wear from your sweetie..

    I have lots of lingerie from victoria's secret which my boyfriend and i enjoy during sex . . . but i dont actually sleep in it because it I dont find it comfy for sleeping
  2. chest pain and rapid heartbeat..

    The same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago. I took three pills (which were mdma, not speed)at roxy. At the end of the night, my heart started to feel like it was beating out of my chest, I couldnt breath well, and I had chest pain. This got progressively worse as the next day went on, and at around 8pm I was sure I was going to die. I felt like I was going to faint, could barely breath, and my heart was beating really fast. My boyfriend drove me to the emergency room where they told me that my heart was okay, and I didnt need to worry - just rest. For the whole next week I was home in bed with horrible chest pain and trouble breathing. I was really scared because I had gotten plenty of rest, and it was still there. It eventually got better and better.. but the whole experience upset me so much that im not going to do stimulants of any kind ever again.. its just not worth it to me anymore
  3. Has anyone rolled on Fast Forwards?

    well im in the NYC area... and they sound like the same ones you had.. so hopefully I'll like them.. I just dont want to be dissapointed after waiting 3 months..
  4. Has anyone taken Fast Forwards (FF) recently? I'm about to roll for the first time in 3 months and I'm hoping they're good pills...
  5. kettamine

    u should get about 3 jars full to the rim of the amber jar. about the flavored k, the only thing i heard about that is that you have to buy extract of the flavor you want and put a couple of drops in the liq with a dropper to get the flavor once its cooked.
  6. Best smelling cologne!

  7. Sunglasses at Night??

    No way! I really do not see the point of people wearing sunglasses in a club or outside at night. I don't see it as an accessory that works in the day and the night.. i see them as SUNglasses to sheild your eyes from the sun and as an accessory in the DAY time. Obviously all the people who wear em in clubs think differently.. but im not into it
  8. Honest question for the girls and guys.....

    I was 14 the first time a gave a blow job.. ive always swallowed. 14 the first time i got eaten out.. the guy was 16 and sucked at it.. my experiences have definitely gotten better over the years
  9. Autoerotic Asphyxiation

    wow. I usually hold my breath when trying to reach orgasm.. but i never put myself anywhere close to death.. the fact that some people do and that people dont realize how dangerous it is is scary.
  10. Very Good Advertisement...

    me too
  11. Sunglasses

    that's what i was thinking.. maybe ill go to the store and try on the models.. than order from the website.. if the deal on the pair i want are really good its definitely worth the trouble.
  12. Girls---cut or uncut?

    yes, it does feel different. i guess the difference is added friction..
  13. Is any sex good sex?

    No.. any sex is definitely not good sex. I believe that who you are with greatly affects the quality and enjoyance of the sex.
  14. Girls---cut or uncut?

    uncut. ive had both.. and like my current uncut bf much better..
  15. WHy is it that...

    same with me my bf never gets turned down.. im always up for some lovin