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  1. Essential Mix with Infusion...unrealllll

    Hi try this link for an infusion broadcast its an aussie rock radio station with a dance show. Cant be shagged looking for it but could be an infusion mix. I have no idea of quality or anything. http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/mixup/sets/default.htm cheers Zade
  2. Top Ten December 2003

    hi some commercial and other tunes i like at the moment are 1/ chocolate-kylie minogue-white label 2/ elyseum metastases- viridian- remixes 3/miracles-pet shop boys 4/born slippy- underworld- plump dj's remix 5/your light-trafik- luke chable mix 6/lay it down- baitercell v/s tommy schumacher 7/kickflip manual- smartn pocket 8/rockin music- martin solvieg 9/ on a ragga tip- sl2 10/ cant let go- m gee swing city remix cheers Zade
  3. Top Ten November 2003

    5 of my tunes i like mostly chart stuff though 1/ slow-kylie minogue 2/ state of mind-holly valance 3/ we want your soul- infusion/adam freeland 4/the switch-planet funk-rogue traders 5/ wonderful- annie lennox cheers Zade
  4. the berlin love parade

    thank you for the link! cheers Zade
  5. the berlin love parade

    Did anyone here go to the Berlin Love parade? I saw a lot of news reports on it and some said crowds were down to around 750,000 people. I still think that amount of people is nice and cosy and not a bad sized party. The news reports also said it could be the last Berlin Love parade due to money problems. I hope not cos I hope to go next year, a lot of my mates have been to previous ones and they said it was brilliant!! cheers Zade
  6. Disco House

    to earlier post regarding disco kandi I quite like the disco kandi series as well. The latest remix magazine a new zealand dance magazine has a kandi sampler cd complied by mark doyle. I t has about 8 tracks and most of them are quite good. at least 3 new cds are on their way including a new beach house cd, disco kandi and a new base bar. Also in september hed kandi will release a cd for only the australian market as part of their annual tour of australia. cheers Zade
  7. Disco House

    trance is dead! r.i.p cheers Zade
  8. some tunes i like some are pop/commercial only when i lose myself- deepche mode stay- rogue traders come and get it- ragga lady- paul mac mix dont wanna lose this feeling-dannii minogue your not alone-olive passion/luv- lawgivaz perfect motion-sunscreem/luke chable remix fine day- opus 3- frakker remix baby i am going to leave you-led zepplin- phil k v's nubreed remix cheers Zade
  9. Has anyone heard the new Metallica Album?

    here in the biggest selling newspaper in the country the reviewer gave the album a 2 out of 5- with the last sentence of the review we have heard it all before. The review says it lacks any kind of production. Normally i disregared critics but this reviewer is usually pretty spot on. The album is called st anger. The album has been postponed a week to increase publicity after dismal pre order copies stats were issued. cheers Zade
  10. **summer Anthem Anyone???**

    actually the song is: running up that hill by kate bush v's infusion not illusion sorry i was tired. I first heard it at 2 tribes on march 10, first by a local dj and then by dave seaman later in the night, the roar from the crowd and my own response with this track lead me to believe this a bloody good tune. cheers Zade
  11. **summer Anthem Anyone???**

    running up that hill- kate bush v's illusion cheers Zade
  12. old school FINE DAY remix ID

    Do you mean a fine day by opus 3? a fine day by miss jane- atb remix halcyon by orbital? or fine day by mark holden? cheers Zade
  13. Eurovision Song Contest on May 24

    eurovision is like huge!! cant believe you have never heard of it. Its kind of crass however it makes for funny viewing. Lots of people have parties the night eurovision is on. I am in australia and it is always on prime time network tv. One of the biggest acts to win eurovision was abba in 1974. Heaps more acts have had hits around the world except prolly in the U.S. I bet the British wont be voting much for the french act this year!! cheers Zade
  14. Who Else Likes....?

    First time I heard it was on commercial fm radio. Its a pretty popular and apart from the more underground clubs I hear it at most clubs. Not sure what clubs are like in your part of the world so I cant offer any suggestions cheers Zade
  15. Who Else Likes....?

    Its a great track! I love it when I hear it in a club!! cheers Zade