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  1. dance floor etiquette

    OK, I went to Avalon last night... and here's an example of what I'm getting at.... Girl dancing away... I get I contact with her... sheepish smile from her... I face towards her and start dancing to her rythem... Some guy comes up from the left... starts acting all jealous... girl gets pissed look on her face at this guy... looks at him accusingly... guy gets pissed... walks off looking like he's ready to pick a fight... girl looks at me again kind of weird... I'm weirded out and think it better to go dance elsewhere... I have more examples.... (But Avalon rocked good last night...)
  2. dance floor etiquette

    Exactly... Thus the reason for the post... Don't wanna be one of those leg humpning freaks at the clubs... (And I've seen a few. How do you girls put up with it?)
  3. dance floor etiquette

    I guess it boils down to.... Da Art of Feeling Da Vibes...
  4. dance floor etiquette

    Guys, I was at Avalon a couple of weeks ago, (first time there... first time clubbing in a long time...) and I was wondering what's up with trying to dance with other girls on the floor? Sometimes they dance with you, some times they don't. I can't figure them out. I don't want to be rude or come off like some kind of sex freak looking to girate with anything that moves on the floor... What do you guys do, when you find a cute girl dancing on the floor alone, or with other girl friends, and you want to dance with her? Trance
  5. New to Boston

    Hey guys, Just moved to Boston and I'm looking for a few tips on where to go and listen to a good DJ spin away the night. My favorit place in NYC is Arc and I've spent some great times there. Any Arc like places here in Boston? Thanks in advance.
  6. partying in NYC

    How many of you guys go up to NYC to party? The reason I ask is that I live on Long Island and I'm moving down to DC in a couple of months. What I'm going to miss the most is the club scene in NYC and I'm hoping for a great club scene in DC. But after reading through some of the messages on this board, I get the feeling that you guys look to going to NYC to hit the clubs. Is this so? I do hope DC has some great clubs where I can go dance my ass off.
  7. Is e adictive?

    I was just at a dinner party where someone told me that e is very addictive. Since no one at the party has every tried e (including me....) I was wondering if you guys could answer that one for me. I've done pot, lsd, shrooms and coke. When I did coke, (back in the early 80's) it wasn't considered to be adictive. But when I took it, I *knew* it was very addictive. (I was on the floor digging through my capet looking for coke dust, trying to get another line togehter after I ran out of my stash! Now that's addictive!) I never had those kind of addictive feelings when I was high on pot, or tripping on lsd or shrooms. So is e adictive like coke? Thanks for the info.
  8. Goin' to Amsterdam. Any advice?

    And it was great. Here's the deal. Most of the coffee shops. (i.e. the shops that sell pot) are about the same. And most of them are around the central train station. (Its on the north end of the city and the part where your going to be hanging out will be south of the train station.) The further away you get from the train station, the fewer coffee shops you'll find. When I went into one of these coffee shops, I just asked for the best stuff they had. It cost me about $10 for a nice sized bud. (2 or 3 joints. I got this shit they called AK-47) They give you complimentary rolling papers. The Dutch don't like you to walk around the street getting high, (although lots of people do.) Hang out in the coffee shop and smoke your joint. The other thing I did was go to the live sex shows. There is one in particular which was highly recomended by a local Amsterdam tour review handed out at the hotel. I believe it's call the pink circus or something like that. (maybe pink elephant..) In anycase, what amazed me the most was there were basically equal numbers of guys and gals. When I left, (I closed the place down,) I was the only single guy there. The rest were couples. It wasn't a sleazy kind of show at all. It was a clean theater and the show's that were put on were done with some very decent looking men and women. (some very hot women actually, the gals will have to comment on how hot the guys were...) Of course, I got stoned before going into the show.... I hope that helps.... Have fun!
  9. Boo Review-

    Is boo the only event of its kind in NYC? I went to boo 6 in march and loved it. The weather kept me away for boo 7 and from what I read it sounded like it was ok. But I really would like to go to another one of these kinds of events. An all day party with DJ's of all sorts spinning away. I was lucky enough to go to the love parade in Berlin which only wets my thirst for more, more MORE!!! God I hope I don't have to wait another year for boo to roll around again....
  10. Boo Review-

    Did the rain keep people away? It did me. Sounds like you were able to enjoy yourself dispite the weather.. cool.
  11. boo 7

    guys. the weather is going to suck! This SUCKS!!!!
  12. Wish i was at the LOVE PARADE today....

    True, one may not club for the rest of your life, but hey, I've started hitting the clubs this year (at age 40...) and love every minute of it. Dance my ass off for hours on end. But hey, club as much as you can now. I went 17 years since I got married without going to a club once and I've got this big party vacuum I gotta fill now... yikes!
  13. 17 days till area 2!

    please clue me in....
  14. scoring in Berlin

    Guys, I want to try to score some weed or e in Berlin. Any word on how to go about doing this? Is this the kind of question one does not post to this list? ugg... (or should I just go to Amsterdam for the day and do my scoring there) Trance
  15. Berlin!

    Any word on where to club in Berlin? I'm gonna be there this weekend starting Weds night. My plan is to club every night until I leave. There has to be a decent party sceen in Berlin of all places! Keeping my fingers crossed. P.S. Any advice on how to score e in Berlin?